Transform your home with these stylish remodelling ideas

words Alexa Wang

Everybody gets bored with everything, that’s just the basics of economics.  People buy things and get bored with them so they go looking for new things that excite them or are useful for them in different ways. We buy houses that we love and find ourselves looking for ways to sell or rent them to other people because we found nicer houses!

If we can’t afford that then we try to change our own houses. Buy new furniture, change the colors of the walls or even make something out of our balconies or backyards. One of the most exciting things to remodel is your lighting and how it’s distributed and your living room. They make you feel like there has been a big change around the house without costing a lot of money and furniture. But these are not the only two things you can do.

stylish remodelling ideas

Here are a few remodeling ideas that will make you feel like you revolutionized the space:


If you have a staircase and haven’t tried to get creative and make more than just a staircase, then you’re in for a lot. Have you ever seen a staircase with steps that you can store things under? It’s a very cool idea that will hide a lot of your “stuff”.

You can also make a small home office under the staircase and decorate it nicely so you can enjoy working from home or write more. In this specific area, you can make hundreds of things like a dog house or a small lego room. You can even build a whole room in the space between the stairs or actually make it one if you have kids or enjoy VR or PS. For more details about kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling for your Orlando, Florida home, check out


If you have just renovated the bathroom, you will feel like you have changed your whole house. You can decide to have two sinks instead of one. I always loved bathrooms that allow more than one person to brush their teeth or wash their face at the same time and says that loud and clear.

There are plenty of awesome shower ideas that will make you have a different and more a different and more convenient bathroom. You can transform your shower and make a hotel like a shower area. If you have a bathtub you can consider having an actual jacuzzi or closing it with glass instead of using shower curtains when you need to shower. Transforming your bathroom is full of endless creativity.

Paint (Everything, not just the walls)

You can start using wallpaper if you did not before. There are plenty of beautiful and stylish wallpapers in the market. You can spray paint or make wall art on your walls. You can chalk paint your fridge and write about it instead of using sticky notes or magnet. Paint your TV set and living room tables. Make everything around you more colorful.

Painting the glass of your windows will make your home light up in colors in the morning, which could be very refreshing. Change the colors of your doors, this could even help you get a hidden room. The color of the kitchen and bathroom are essential for you to feel an immediate change in your whole lifestyle.

hone restyle


If you have a backyard then you probably enjoy or used to enjoy gardening. It’s therapeutic and allows you to get outside of your house by just stepping to the balcony. Do you have walls? Make them even taller and play them. You will have a forest in front of you.

You can try building a small tree house where you can eat or make a treehouse bar in your backyard. If you do not enjoy gardening and would like to change that then put EasyTurf artificial grass and make a play area or get a projector and nice lights and make an outdoor home theater.

The most important thing you should think of while remodeling your house is that you don’t have to spend a fortune and you can still make tremendous changes with very simple ideas. You can change the colors of your walls or your furniture. Have smarter solutions for dead space and build wine racks everywhere, it’s up to you. You just need to make sure this is something you want to do so you wouldn’t have to remodel your house on a weekly basis. 

You can even make bigger changes and make your guest room a painting room, music room or a pillow room for a movie night/slumber party kind of day. Make sure you do not forget to build hammocks everywhere you can.


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