6 Must Haves for a Successful Bachelor Party

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You’re the guy who gets to plan the bachelor party, but the truth is, you haven’t had to plan a party since you botched your wife’s birthday last year. That’s okay, not everyone is a party planner, and we are here to help. Afterall, if it’s your job to plan the bachelor party, it means the guy getting married must be pretty special. It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone. The thing is, there are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning an epic bachelor party. It’s important to take time to plan out the bachelor party.

Successful Bachelor Party

Solid Entertainment

Okay guys, while it might seem like a great idea to have one last hurrah and go to a strip club or something of the sort, the lady in your life, and your buddy getting marrieds’ life, might have a different perspective. Unless you know that the bride to be is 100% on board with the idea, it’s best to never hire strippers for a bachelor party. You will cause more harm than good, and while it might seem funny, we guarantee, it’s not. With that said, what can you do instead?

What do you and your friend or brother do already? Do you like to go hunting on the weekends? What about playing poker? Perhaps you can plan a trip to the local casino and buy into a good poker game. If you guys usually watch sports together, you could splurge on a live game to attend together. Go to a boxing arena or to a concert. Buy the good seats for you and the groom to be. You could also take a backpacking trip or hike a new mountain for something outdoorsy and unique. There are plenty of fun things to do without the ladies. Think beyond the strippers and find entertainment everyone can enjoy without getting in relationship trouble.  

Delicious Food

Plan to go to a restaurant or order takeout from a quality place. It might be that street tacos outside an arena are the easiest stop, just make sure you have a solid plan and backup plan for food in place. If you know the groom has a food allergy for instance, take 10 minutes to find a restaurant you know he can eat at. It would be terrible to plan for Five Guys burgers for instance, if he’s allergic to peanuts. You don’t need to cook anything, but you guys will need to eat.

Something to Toast the Groom

Whether your group of friends are the cold beer kind of guys or you’d prefer fun alternatives such as rum ice pops or pre-mixed cocktails, you’ll want to do a toast. It sounds cheesy, but there is something to sharing a few words with the groom and the other guys who are special in his life. It also helps to share fun stories each of you have about the groom and to make sure he knows how much he means to you. Life is short, and while you don’t need to get too emotional, it’s okay to share something you love about the guy you get to stand up for in his wedding.  

Successful stag Party

Great Company

You need to find out from the groom to be who he would want at a bachelor party. You may not know all his friends personally, so find out in advance who these special guys are. It’s up to you to invite them, so don’t forget this critical step. It won’t be much of a party if it’s just the two of you. Great company goes a long way to making a bachelor party feel fun and relaxed instead of awkward.

First-Aid Kit

Okay, a bunch of guys going out and getting a little rowdy and having fun is great, but it can lead to injuries. Have a first aid kit on hand. You can usually purchase one that’s put together already. You never know what kind of minor accidents can happen that would require a bandage.

Designated Driver

There are plenty of ways to plan this, but if you guys plan to go bar-hopping in the city, stay safe. If one of the guys doesn’t drink anymore, see if he’s up for it. Otherwise, plan to hire an Uber, take a Lyft, or you could consider getting a party bus style limo for the fun. It’s okay to get a little wild, but there is nothing funny about drunk driving.


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