Grant a Wish – The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Grant a Wish – The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – words Alexa Wang

Choosing Christmas gifts and making sure they are perfect for your recipients can be quite a challenge during the holiday season. After a couple of years, you will find that being original becomes even more difficult.

Fortunately, Christmas fanatics can benefit from our ultimate Christmas gift guide below, which will ensure you can give the best gifts this year as well!


 Consider Gift Hampers

Gift hampers have been around for a considerable amount of time, but they are still an excellent gift idea because of their versatility. When you gift someone a hamper for Christmas, you are giving them several presents at the same time, increasing the chance that the recipient is going to find something they really love. That being said, gift hampers are not only suitable for recipients you do not know the personal preferences of, because they are also a great choice for family members and friends with gourmet food, wine and luxury item preferences.

Cosmetics Are Great for Women

Contrary to what many men believe, women are actually incredibly easy to buy for. Cosmetics tend to be liked by women across Australia, even women who have the reputation of being a tomboy. However, the trick is to choose the right products for the right woman.

When you need to buy a present for a woman that does not use a lot of makeup, you could still delight them with some cosmetics. However, the right cosmetics for someone that does not wear any makeup are usually limited to perfumes, bath products and perhaps moisturisers. If you get the chance to take a peek in your recipient’s bathroom, be sure to do so, because then you could discover what kind of products your recipient is using.

Women who tend to wear a lot of makeup are easiest to buy for, because there are many gift combinations they will like. However, when you purchase something for this type of recipient, make sure you go for quality brands, because it is likely these are the only brands they will use for their makeup routine.


Gadgets for Men

You may have heard the expression “men and their toys” before, an expression that certainly applies to the holiday season. No matter which recipient you need to buy for, men tend to love the latest gadgets or something that could make their life easier.

Unfortunately for gift finders, gadgets can be divided into many different categories. Within the multitude of gadgets available online, you will find fitness trackers, multifunctional desk lights, precision shavers, iPhones and much more. To decide which gadget matches your recipient, you may have to look at their current lifestyle. Are you dealing with someone who cannot live without his phone? Or someone who is a technophobe, but takes great pride in personal grooming?

Of course, not all men are interested in the gadget world and may prefer a gift that is focused on a hobby or skill. A lot of men, in particular, find great joy in fishing – Fishing Tackle Shops can provide you with endless amounts of equipment that can be bought on many occasions to come!

Great Toys for Kids

The easiest things to find around the Christmas period are gifts for kids, because toy manufacturers make sure that their products get maximum exposure during the holiday seasons. Stores selling these items will advertise as well, so you will have a world of choices once you hit the stores.

When you do not know what to buy, you can easily count on the age ranges displayed on each of the toys available in stores. There will also be separate sections for girls and boys, so buying a present for your child, niece or nephew has never been easier.

In some cases, it could be easier to buy Christmas presents for kids online. Because of the fact stores stock a tremendous number of toys during your holiday season, you can easily spend several hours in the same store, finding it difficult to make a decision. However, when you shop from home, you can get a simpler overview of what a store has to offer and their pricing. It also enables you to compare prices quickly and easily, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The Exceptions

There can be some exceptions to the rules we mentioned earlier, because not everyone can be considered as mainstream. If this is the case for one of your recipients, it could be a better idea to have a look at a dedicated gift store, which have several sections with dedicated presents for men, women and children. The majority of these stores also stock novelty gifts, which could give everyone a good laugh during the Christmas season.


Buying the right Christmas presents does not have to be an impossible task, but it is a task you have to put some thought in. Our recommendations above should give you a head start during the holiday season, but do not be afraid to add your own ideas to the mix. The perfect Christmas gifts is knowing your recipients and incorporating their preferences into one amazing gift, so always consider preferences no matter how great a Christmas gift looks in the store!

Grant a Wish – The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – words Alexa Wang




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