How to choose office seating that matches your style

How to choose office seating that matches your style – words Al Woods

You might feel as though you spend most of your life sitting at your desk, so when it comes to choosing office seating, there really is no room for second best.

Of course, you’ll need to think carefully about practicality and opt for a chair that provides you with plenty of support. Then there’s style to consider.

To give you some inspiration, here are three suggestions that could help you to find models that complement your workplace persona and sense of style.


Choose leather for the executive look 

If you like to make an impact in your office and show people you mean business, a classic executive leather chair could be ideal. As office furniture specialists Furniture At Work highlight in their infographic ‘My chair: get the celebrity look in your office’, this material is great for anyone who likes to make a statement. When paired with chrome and metal tones, leather seating offers a contemporary yet timelessly elegant appeal – and it helps to assert your dominance. 

Blend in seamlessly with a neutral design 

Alternatively, if you prefer to blend into the background when you’re getting on with your tasks, a neutral style of seating could be exactly what you need. A simple, no-fuss operator chair in a muted shade such as grey should do the trick. These understated designs offer all the practical features you could want from an office chair without drawing attention to themselves – or to you. 

Get creative with colour and shape

Want to bring an element of fun to your office and showcase your creative side? Think outside the box and opt for a chair with a certain je ne sais quoi. There are plenty of designer models to choose from, including striking contemporary mesh designs with angular shapes. Play around with colour too for that ergonomic reclining chair. From line green, to purple, to orange, to pink, you can select hues that bring instant personality to your work area.

The key when it comes to selecting the right seating style for you is to scour the market and keep looking until you’ve found something that really speaks to your individual tastes.

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How to choose office seating that matches your style – words Al Woods



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