Essential Baby Items for First Time Dads

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first time dad

In our society, the labor of having and raising children often falls disproportionately on women. This isn’t just an issue for women who are overworked and have unrealistic expectations placed upon them – it’s an issue for the dads and kids as well.

Kids that grow up with both parents as an active part of their childhood are more likely to be successful in life. And dads that take over their fair share of the work surrounding kids will feel more involved in the child’s life and have a better connection with them as they grow up. 

So, if you’re an expecting father looking to prepare for a new member’s arrival, here are some things you should definitely have in the house to prepare:

Baby Tableware

First things first, but a feeding bottle is a must when having a new baby. It is all things in one place and can help the father feed the baby without mommy, as well as keep track of food intake easily. It is essential to have other items such as baby spoons, plates, and bowls for when the baby-led weaning starts. You can go for a full tableware set, which sometimes includes sippy cups for the transition period from bottles to regular cups and baby plates, for baby’s first solids. Silicone baby bowls with suction are also an inseparable part of the baby dinnerware set because they stay put on any surface and are extremely helpful for fathers to feed their messy babies.

A Baby Monitor

When you have a new baby, especially if it’s your firstborn, you’ll probably want to keep checking whether they’re well and live every minute. The second you stop hearing ruckus and movement, you rush to check if they’re well. But this won’t only draw your energy and make you lose sleep, it will also make the baby very dependent on you and unable to fall asleep when they are alone. So to allow you and the baby to get some sleep, you should install baby monitors. The clunky devices you place in the room to listen to your baby are not really all that practical or aesthetically pleasing, so today there are all sorts of gadgets you can get to replace that, from actual cribs that monitor the baby to tiny little socks you put on their feet that have a tiny monitor connected to an app on your smartphone. 

A Carrier

Physical touch is so important for bonding in the first few months of the baby’s life, and while moms are often glued to the baby, the dads can lack the moments of physical touch. You can read more about the importance of touch for a dad and child to really understand how deep these early connections go. A great way to increase the time spent with your child is by getting a baby carrier so that you can have your baby on your chest while leaving your hands free. This is great for both walks, doing chores around the house, or just hanging out when your arms need a break.

first time dad

Diaper Bag

Baby’s diaper bags are usually not exactly in manly colors – they are, well, baby-themed. Not really something that will match a man’s wardrobe. But luckily, designers are snapping out of it and designing bags that have the space and sectioning for diapers and all the needed accessories but look grown-up and manly on the outside. This way you can be a fully functioning parent who can always have everything your baby needs, while still keeping a professional appearance.

Car Seat

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ll need to take your baby from A to B in a car at some point. This means you’ll need a car seat because any other way of transporting your child in a car is dangerous and could lead not only to police stopping you and giving you a fine but serious injury for your baby. So, make sure you have a good car seat that can be extended to fit your child as they grow up.


The feeding of the baby is biologically often the role of a mother, but depending on the rhythm of life, the mother can also pump milk, and there are a million reasons why a baby could need formula. For both of those options, the dad can be the one that feeds the baby. There are also fake breasts that can be used and connected with a bottle of milk, for babies that are used to breastfeeding and aren’t really accepting of a bottle. Of course, as soon as the baby switches to eating solids, you’ll need all the utensils, vacuum plates, and other tools to get the food into their mouths and off the walls.

It is more important than ever for dads to step up for their kids and be there from day one. And remember that having a baby isn’t a chore, it’s an amazing experience for everyone to enjoy. And if you’re having trouble getting in the mindset of being a dad, getting some gadgets and tools might help you feel a lot more excited for the little one that is on their way. Make sure you work as a team with your partner and make sure you’re budgeting wisely and getting everything you need to make your child’s life comfortable and happy.


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