5 Essentials for a Confidence Building Wardrobe

words Alexa Wang

At this point, we’ve all heard plenty about the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, a seasonless wardrobe, and sustainable wardrobes. While it’s important to declutter your closet to only own the items you love, it’s just as important to ensure the clothes you own make you feel confident. After all, they say when you look good you feel good. 

When we feel confident in our clothing, we’re more productive and more attractive, along with plenty of other benefits. If you’re ready to pare down to the things that make you feel your best, keep reading for essential pieces you need in your confidence-creating closet.

Confidence Building Wardrobe

Start With Skivvies 

What’s underneath your outfit is just as important as everything else. The importance of confidence in creating undergarments cannot be understated. From matching bra and panty sets to your favorite colored intimates like black or burgundy lingerie and materials that make you feel sexy like silk or satin – all these are important. Sure, there is a time and place for cotton high-waisted briefs, but it’s not when you’re looking for a mood and confidence boost. Investing in the highest quality intimates you can afford is a must.

The Right Fit 

Even if your go-to aesthetic is the oversized look, your clothing should all fit and flatter your body type. If oversized is your thing, purchase garments where the oversized fit is intentional. Meaning, that if you’re typically a size medium, don’t size up to an XXL; instead, purchase items designed and sewn to fit looser and oversized and purchase them in your typical medium.

The right fit is critical when it comes to bottoms especially. Your pants, skirts, and jeans should fit your body in a way that shows off your figure but is still comfortable. It’s hard to be confident when you have to shimmy into a pair of jeans, not to mention uncomfortable. Stop focusing on the size on the tag of your garments but more on their fit and feel. 

Materials Matter

The fabrication of your clothing will always affect your confidence. Not only are natural textiles like 100% cotton, linen, silk, and bamboo a more sustainable fashion choice, they look and feel amazing. Synthetics don’t breathe, which makes you uncomfortable, not to mention they have an uncanny ability to cling to your body and promote static. Ditch the synthetics, so you feel cool and confident and benefit the environment at the same time. 

Signature Pieces 

The key to any solid outfit is an accessory or two, even if one of them is a bold red lip. Figuring out what your signature pieces are that boost your confidence is key when it comes to a wardrobe that will last. For some people, that will look like a solid gold cuff; for others, a pair of diamond studs; for many men, it’s a luxury timepiece on their wrist. Adding these key elements to your aesthetic polishes your appearance and becomes something you’re known for, which is important for confidence and overall self-image.

Wardrobe essentials

Supportive Soles 

If you’re a person who considers yourself a shoeaholic with a closet bursting with countless pairs of shoes in every style and color, this may not be for you, but if you’re like most people and have just a few pairs for certain activities and events, it can make all the difference. Whether buying wedges, trainers, or sandals, opting for supportive footwear is key to confidence. Supportive shoes affect everything from your posture, your mood, and your energy levels.

Thankfully, gone are the days when supportive shoes were only made for seniors and, frankly, style-less. These days it’s easy to find attractive footwear that keeps your spine aligned and your confidence soaring. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style, so this is your sign to start investing in high-quality, supportive, and aesthetically pleasing footwear.

Even if you feel like you’re already bursting with confidence and don’t need help with your self-esteem, the above pieces will provide comfort and mood-boosting benefits. Circling back to when you look good, you feel good; the same is true: when you feel good, you look phenomenal. Start curating a confidence-boosting wardrobe today and reap the rewards!


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