Could your next adventure be a second citizenship?

Whilst second citizenship may not immediately come to mind when contemplating journeys and discovery, more and more of the world’s luxury travellers are obtaining a second, and even third, citizenship as a means of quenching their thirst for adventure.

You can obtain a second citizenship in a number of ways, including by birth, marriage, and long-term residency, but the most efficient way is through a citizenship by investment programme.

If you love to travel, becoming a dual citizen can open a spectrum of opportunity. Here are some reasons why you may want to add a second citizenship to your wish list.


Becoming a Global Citizen

With a second citizenship, you can gain visa-free access a whole new range of countries and territories, which is particularly attractive for those with passports with many restrictions.

According to Belong, you could become a citizen of the Caribbean, and by this choice acquire visa-free travel to over 100 nations. The island of Dominica, for example, offers visa-free travel to around 115 countries, including the Schengen Area and the United Kingdom. The tri-island nation of Grenada, which also offers citizenship by investment, is one of five countries worldwide offering visa-free travel to China.

A Cultural Education

It is one thing to visit a country as a tourist, but it is a different experience entirely to learn about a country as a citizen and resident. With citizenship comes the right to work and live in your new country. Therefore, you could spend as long as your heart desires in your new nation, learning about its history, culture, and customs.

Spending more time in a country, and especially one that is as friendly and welcoming as the Caribbean isles, offers you endless opportunities to make new friends, meet new travel companions, and even happen upon the love of your life. Indeed, a second citizenship can help you enrich your life through new experiences, realise your romantic dreams, and find a new sense of community.

A Second Place to Call Home

Although you may spend a lot of your time away from home, it is important to have a secure base to which to return – somewhere to drop anchor should you need the comforts of domesticity. With a second citizenship, you can have two homes at different sides of the globe, so you can relax and recuperate wherever it seems most convenient.

This could even become your permanent place of residence, a holiday home, or even a rental property to fund your passion for travel. You may even consider turning your love of travel into a career by starting a guesthouse, a B&B, or a hotel. By buying a property as a citizen, you can also do away with costly Alien Landholding License fees, which must be paid by foreigners on every real estate purchase.


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