5 Everyday Uses of Hemp

words Al Woods

In recent times, hemp or other similar marijuana-related products have achieved great social acceptance and societal de-stigmatization. This has propelled the use of hemp products on a much larger scale.

The usage of hemp products, especially in America, has been legalized by the Farm bill, clarifying the distinction between weed-related products and hemp-related products. In this regard, these hemp-related products’ popularity shows the wider acceptance of cannabis in present-day society. Regardless of the social or legal position, certain hemp uses in everyday lives have persisted since the time of Columbus’ expedition to the then American hinterlands.

In the following part, let us take a look at some of the common uses of hemp in everyday products –

1.       Hemp Cloth

Hemp Fibre has ancient significance in terms of clothing and textile and is one of the strongest fibers for textile manufacturing purposes. The fiber can be sourced easily from hemp and is considered cheaper than most other textiles. This was first use to make sails for Christopher Columbus’ ships and are considered light materials. The fiber and the cloth manufactured from hemp is preferred by people who are otherwise allergic to other fabric and textile.

2.       Hemp Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important parts of our daily life and support our weight the entire day. For most people with the mention of shoes, the material that immediately comes to mind is leather. However, leather manufacturing is a complicated process that endangers the environment too. As bizarre as it may sound, shoes manufactured from hemp have excellent durability and comfort. They are very tough and cannot be easily run down by wear and tear because of the weed plant’s strength.

3.       Hemp Paper

Paper is usually manufactured from the trees’ sap, such as eucalyptus, papyrus, and bamboo. In many cases, the paper is also being manufactured by hemp. Since hemp is easily cultivated and versatile, it can serve as an excellent raw material to substitute other plants or tree-produce to make paper. This would create a much better, organic, and natural resources of paper, which is one of the most indispensable products used in daily life.

Hemp uses

4.       Hemp Cigarette

Hemp contains many beneficial health uses that can be attributable to its low THC content. It also contains a high dosage of CBD or cannabidiol, which has many benefits for your body. Additionally, hemp does not induce the psychoactive properties that are displayed by the “high” associated with marijuana. Besides, hemp cigarettes contain CBD that can help you deal with anxiety and alleviate pain apart from reducing carcinogenic activities or health hazards caused by tobacco.

Uses of Hemp

5.       Hemp Oil

In recent times, hemp oil is a beneficial product that has gained much popularity. This is because hemp oil contains very small traces of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana, but contains a higher amount of CBD. This has many beneficial effects for the body and chiefly in alleviating chronic pain.

It can be easily said that hemp products have significant value in our day-to-day life and can easily be substituted as a better alternative for raw materials in many products. Its greatest strength lies in the versatility and flexibility of usage, making it one of the most significant plant products in ancient and recent times.


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