Brilliant birthday gifts that’ll have them beaming

Brilliant birthday gifts that’ll have them beaming – words Al Woods

Birthdays can be such a lovely time of the year and they give you the chance to show someone just how much you care.

And fortunately, unlike the other big gift giving event of the year (Christmas), since you only need to treat one person, it is so much easier to take your time and consider something that they’d really love.

If for their birthday this year you’d like to make a grand gesture or want to find something for them that’s original, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together some of my favourite birthday gift ideas and I’m sure you’ll be able to find inspiration for whoever you’re shopping for, no matter what their tastes.


Dynamic day tripping

Great gifts these days don’t always have to come wrapped in a box with a bow on top; in fact, some of the most original gifts you can find are obviously not going to be traditional at all! A lovely and thoughtful gift would be to let them enjoy a wonderful day trip on you. You can either accompany them or give them the gift for 2 so they can take along whoever they like.

Think boat tours, city bus tours, trips to shows and more. These are things that most people would love to do but don’t indulge in very often, therefore making them the perfect gift. Wherever they’re living in the UK and even if you don’t stay local, you can easily find something in their area that will have them beaming from ear to ear.

The scrumptious treat

Who doesn’t love tasty food in beautiful settings accompanied by the knowledge that there’ll be no washing up afterwards?! Either take them out for a delightfully scrumptious feast at one of their favourite restaurants yourself, or if you can’t be there, give them a voucher that’ll let them book in at your expense.

Treating them to some delicious food doesn’t always have to mean dinner though; for something that’s just as delightful and charmingly quaint, afternoon tea could be just the thing. Cucumber sandwiches, scones, cakes, biscuits plus of course a choice selection of tea and coffee – who wouldn’t love that?!

Preened and pampered

When it comes to birthdays, a lot of us (if not all of us!) love to be spoiled rotten really, so do take this into consideration when shopping for a birthday gift. So what to get your best friend for her birthday? For an experience that will really let them indulge in some serious relaxation, then a trip to the spa is ideal. With luxury treatments, fantastic facilities and an over-all calming atmosphere, they are going to rate this gift as top.

For the ladies, you can always give them the chance to get their hair coiffed on you at a top local salon, or even a Shellac or gel manicure that they’re going to really appreciate. What about gifts ideas for men? Not to forget the guys, how about a gift voucher to their local barber, with a hot shave thrown in too.

For preening and pampering gifts, you can also go down the more traditional route with pressies that are bound to please like makeup, hair products, beard-care sets and fragrance for example.

The fool-proof classic

This leads us neatly onto the fool-proof classic gifts that are going to be certain successes. So, I’ve already just mentioned things like fragrance and beauty products and I recommend that you look out for gorgeously packaged gift sets that’ll add that extra wow factor when they open it. And as a bonus to you, gift sets usually mean that you can get more for your money, so it’s a win-win situation really.

Classic birthday gifts don’t always have to be in the realm of beauty products though; things like hampers, a selection of their favourite wine or beer, and flowers are all traditional types of gifts that will be incredibly welcome none-the-less. Just remember to suit their tastes when it comes to choosing the right thing.

For a big birthday (say a 40th), you may want to make a bigger splash, so what about gifting something like a classic bike that’ll take them back to younger years, or a beautiful photo print canvas of their favourite family photo? With these kinds of gifts, they’re certainly going to treasure them forever!

Shopping for gifts doesn’t have to be hassle, and it really can be simple to find just the right thing. We’ve got just a couple more concluding tips to make though; make life easy for yourself by shopping online (particularly useful if you’ve got a hectic schedule that makes getting to the shops a challenge), and do try to not leave it to the last minute, or at least spend a little time considering what the person would love to receive. And our final recommendation is to check out these birthday gift ideas that I found over on Groupon; you can shop a huge range of gifts all in the one place plus find a whole lot of birthday inspiration. So, if you’re looking for a great gift that is bound to please, we highly recommend starting there.

Gain a reputation as the best gift-giver ever thanks to these ideas here; you can be sure that you’re going to put a big smile on someone special’s face for their birthday!

Brilliant birthday gifts that’ll have them beaming – words Al Woods


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