Is technology always aiding us?

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Is technology always aiding us? words Alexa Wang

Technology is always being bigged up to be this amazing thing, that without our lives would be impossible. We’re always speaking about how we couldn’t live without our phones, but wish we could. How we wished our children would play outside, but there’s just so much on TV to keep them occupied and happy.

Technology is our saviour in so many different ways, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s aiding us. Like with most things in life, there’s a positive and negative to everything, and this definitely applies when it comes to technology. But most of us are oblivious to the troubles it’s causing us, simply because we can only see the good in it. It’s not exactly in the media 24/7 about the dangers of technology, because then there would just be no money left in it for the companies creating all of the technology that we like to use. Of course the media does hide things, and does like to cover a thing up or two, but that’s not to say that if you don’t do a bit of digging, you won’t find out everything you’ve never known before. So, we’re going to enlighten you a little as to how technology might not always be aiding us, how it definitely is, and a few danger warnings sprinkled in between!

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Technological Zombies

Don’t worry, zombies aren’t real despite what you might think after watching a nice gory horror about them. But whilst the flesh eating zombies might not be real, the technological ones definitely are. Technology is something we hold so dear to our hearts, and we dedicate so much time to it a day, so much so that it’s turning people into zombies. Some can spend a night scrolling through the different social media platforms, without realising a whole night has passed by. Some can spend a whole weekend doing nothing but binge watching TV series, not realising that the weekend has passed them by. We’re using up so much of our time, becoming a zombie to the technology we love so much. This can also be said for the younger generation being raised at the minute. They’re being raised on TV and technology, with some knowing how to work a phone as young as three. It’s so important that we try and draw our lives away from technology, and towards an era that’s more focused on living life.

The Saviour It Can Be

Technology is most definitely not all bad, and the way we used it has now transformed the way we’re able to live our lives. It can be a saviour for so many different reasons, and we think this is one of the major things that society is forgetting at the minute. For example, if it were not for the technology we have today, so many of the criminal cases that are being put forwards to the police would never be solved. We wouldn’t be able to educate our children to the high level they’re being educated today, and life at home definitely wouldn’t be as simple as it is today. There is literally an app for everything, so daily living tasks are also made even easier. We take for granted the amount technology can do for us, and although there are many negatives to it, we think the positives do far outweigh it.


A Sprinkle Of Danger 

There’s always a sprinkle of danger in everything we do, and technology definitely has a sprinkle or two of it. The main danger is the danger to our personal information and lives. Without even realising it, people could be accessing your personal data right this minute, and you wouldn’t know about it. Even through simple methods like your IP address, which is something you’ll all have if you have an internet router in your home. But there are of course ways to protect yourself, such as using VPN, and just ensuring you’re sticking to websites that you know you can trust. Always look for the padlock or the shield in the corner of the address bar, and it should tell you if the website is safe. There’s also a sprinkle of dangers due to things like social media at the minute. Recently, the Momo hack to Youtube videos was trying to encourage young people to kills themselves. There’s always going to be hidden dangers with technology, you just have to be smart enough to avoid them.

So, it’s up to you to make your own decision about whether technology is always aiding us, but we think our lives wouldn’t be livable without it!


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