How HPI check’s technology helps motorists to shop confidently

How HPI check’s technology helps motorists to shop confidently – words Al Woods

Modern-day motorists have a great deal of anxiety about the used car market. With so many stories of scams, fraudulent sellers and unsafe vehicles on the market, it is easy to understand why.

The majority know that using a private seller is particularly dangerous, but even forecourt dealers can be untrustworthy and one in three motorists would not use the same dealer again.


How to Shop Confidently

So, what is being done to alleviate the concerns of UK drivers? HPI Check has improved their technology to make their comprehensive car checks even more reliable, which will help to stop people from falling victims to scams. It also helps motorists to find a trustworthy and reliable car whether they are buying privately or from a dealership.

The Importance of Checks

HPI finds that 1 in 3 cars has some kind of hidden history, which is alarmingly high. This could be a mileage discrepancy (clocking), there could still be outstanding finance on the vehicle (which you would be liable to pay if you bought the car), or it could even be recorded as stolen.

These are just a few of the checks that are made, with the company checking millions of records from important industry bodies such as the police, the DVLA, finance companies, insurance companies and plenty more. They also utilise innovative technology to run a number of processes that keep everything accurate and up to date. Because of this a HPI report can accurately uncover the history of over 97% of vehicles on the UK roads.


In addition to revealing the history of vehicles with a car check, HPI has expanded their technology and now also offer a recall check. This is an incredibly quick and easy way to see if the manufacturer has recalled the vehicle due to a safety defect. Typically, over 1 million automobiles are affected by recalls every year, but it can be impossible to know as a buyer whether or not the car you are looking at has been recalled. Failing to be aware of this, or ignoring it, can be dangerous.

An Easy Process

All of this impressive technology and the experience HPI has is making it much safer for UK motorists to navigate the used car market. Whilst they use cutting-edge technology to check millions of records to thoroughly assess and break down the complete MOT history of an automobile, the customer simply enters their registration number to receive the check. You are also able to guard against clones by entering the chassis number (VIN) and logbook (V5C) details.

Navigating the used car market can be stressful and dangerous with so many scams. This is one of the major concerns that motorists have and particularly because there are now more scams than ever with the sharp rise of internet scams. This means that now more than ever is the time to be vigilant when shopping for used cars and why motorists must always get a history check carried out. The technology and experience of HPI can help to shop with confidence and avoid buying an unsafe car or doing business with a fraudulent seller.

How HPI check’s technology helps motorists to shop confidently – words Al Woods


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