Kitchen design trends for 2018 to check out

Kitchen design trends for 2018 to check out – words Al Woods

Over the years we have seen on-trend kitchen design morph from the rustic, vintage looks of decades ago, through to its vintage chic renditions and the clean contemporary workspaces of the modern space.

2017 has been characterized by glistening quartz worktops and sleek handleless kitchen units, but if you’re pondering a refurbishment in the coming year, you’ll be thinking: What’s fresh for kitchen design trends for 2018?


Two-Tone Trends

A large part of what we expect to see in the 2018 kitchen, takes the sleek and chic of 2017 and adds subtle accents of personality in colour and shades.

San Francisco designer, Jon de la Cruz used this to add character to the 2017 Kitchen of the year, using a “best of something old and something new” philosophy to capture a delicate rustiqueness spliced with contemporary sleek. You will see this idea carried through to many an on trend kitchen collection.

We see subtle tones of monochrome across the room, whilst the naked stone and wood grain of the worktop offer delicate pattern to the environment.

This concept even stretches to the floor tiles where sleek black granite, interspersed with white open grain marble continues to encapsulate new and old. The delicate grey lines across the white continue to add pattern whilst maintaining the delicate contemporary colour scheme.

CTD Tiles have a great range that encapsulates both this clean modern feel with their Allure and Jayel ranges, whilst Bristol and Cumbria beautifully capture the modern yet vintage side.

Space Saving Solutions

Even last year we talking about saving space in the kitchen (we’re so ahead of the times), but it’s a trend that seems to be merrily carrying its way into 2018.

Only 2018 sees it done so much more cleanly and beautifully, utilising clean tones of whites, blacks, plums and blues across units, so these space-saving solutions are all but invisible. Then a push of a button can reveal spacious compartments to reveal the toaster, kettle and other essentials that would only serve to clutter the worktop and damage the clean feel.

Healthy Options

As time goes on we are all taking more and more care of our health. This is a great thing! And manufacturers are taking notice! Items such as this limited edition sleek vegetable spiralizer from Tower in beautiful anthracite black will compliment any contemporary kitchen. It quickly spiralizes most vegetables in noodle-like strands, so you can keep your body looking as good as your new kitchen! 

Where also seeing some beautiful coloured juicers and smoothie makers coming onto the scene. Gone are the boring functional looking units of old, these are some units that will really stand out in your kitchen in a good way! 

Coloured Cookery

We are also seeing the 2018 colour themes spreading into crockery ranges and pans. Delicate blues seem to be the order of the day here, such as this Minty Blue 5-Piece set from Brabantia. Blue is both clean and welcoming, so it makes sense that theme be carried forward into the kitchen.

Copper and Gold

In addition to the monochromes and delicate blues and plums, we have also seen accents of copper and gold, which we believe will carry forth into kitchen design trends 2018. This gives a delicately luxurious edge to the space without being overwhelmingly flashy.

Kitchen design trends for 2018 to check out – words Al Woods




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