If superheroes worked in the real world what would they do?

If superheroes worked in the real world what would they do? – words Al Woods

Have you ever wanted to have a super power to help you with your everyday job? Just Imagine, a Superhero workforce, an above average group of people doing an ordinary job.

It’s every business owner’s dream. Well with that in mind, we have decided to explore this idea and place Marvel superheroes in everyday job roles.

To start with, we have Hulk who takes up the role of the Fork Lift. There is really no one else for this role. With his superhuman strength, Hulk is able to lift absolutely anything and load it onto the lorry with ease. Who needs an actual fork lift and a fork lift operator when you have the big angry green monster to do it for you!

Moving onto the role of the cherry picker and once again this bit of machinery isn’t needed. To replace it we have the perfect Marvel characters, Rocket and Groot! With Groot’s height and Rocket’s problem-solving problems the mighty heroes are an irreplaceable force that will be able to reach anything. We also have Thor as part of our superhero workforce, but being the God of Thunder he is never seen doing any manual labour. We just love Thor and wanted to include him. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want Thor in their workforce!

When boxing multiple boxes throughout the day, you need to be able to do this at some speed. Making it look easy with his multiple flips, tricks and fancy acrobatics, Spiderman is the ideal guy for this job role. Using his spider web manipulation, Spiderman suits the job description to a tee. Ensuring Spiderman does the job to a high standard we have placed Ant-Man as the Quality Control Manager. With his ability to shrink to the size of an ant, he is able to inspect every millimetre, therefore is able to spot the smallest of details.

We have placed Professor X as the business’ marketer. With his ability to get into the mind of customers instantly, read into the future and effectively gain clients by persuading them and putting the company product into their head, he is able to put the company onto the right paths in order to succeed. The Professor prides himself on his low advertising costs and very high conversion rates.

Moving swiftly onto the customer service role and we have decided to place Wolverine here. Wolverine is the ideal candidate for this position with his no nonsense approach he will ensure the job in hand gets completed, and with his friendly tone of voice, he will be able to deal with any customer queries politely.

As a general manager of any business, you need to have certain qualities and traits to succeed and to ensure your business is working to the highest standards. A general manager has to have the ability to inspire his team, lead them to success and guide his team onto the correct paths in order to grow the company. With this is mind, we could find no one better than Captain America. With all of the traits and qualities I have just mentioned and many more, Captain America is the perfect manager. He is able to plan efficiently using warehouse management system software and clearly lay out the agenda for the day for his employees to follow.

Moving onto the more senior roles and first up, in the role of the Operations Director is Iron Man. Mr Stark isn’t afraid to spend big to get things done. With his superior intellect, he knows how to run a smooth and profitable business as well as get the best deals. Overseeing all operations, we have Hawkeye. We have decided to put Hawkeye is this position because he has the perfect eye for detail. With a supreme ability to oversee everything and always know what is going on around him, he has the perfect qualities to look over his workforce.

Now we have reached the top dog of the business, the person who calls all of the shots, the director of the entire company. As the founder of the Avengers, we couldn’t find anyone better than Nick Fury. He isn’t afraid to take a bit of a risk for the better of the company and his strong attitude equips him perfectly to a leadership role in any company.

So, there you have it! Our Marvel Superheroes Workforce Did we miss out on anyone? See if you can make your own Superhero Workforce!

If superheroes

One of the best infographics – If superheroes worked in the real world what would they do? – words Al Woods


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