RV Camping Must-Haves You Should Never Forget to Bring

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RV Camping

If you are a lucky RV owner, then you know very well the kind of adventures you can take on. Whether you are on the road sightseeing or discovering the wilderness, a well-equipped RV will easily bring the comfort of your home to the campground.

More so, the better prepared you are, the more you can prolong your trip with little to no discomfort. So to make sure you make the most out of your RV camping experience, here are a few must-haves you should never forget to bring with you.


While you are out on the road and moving around, it is very important that you have something to point you in the direction of your next destination. Getting lost can be pretty easy, particularly if you are in a territory you are unfamiliar with. Since this is the 21st century, carrying around a bunch of maps can be very counterintuitive and inconvenient, so those are out. Your smartphone or tablet might offer an appropriate solution, however, it is not a permanent one. Your device can run out of battery, or misfortune might strike, and it could stop working altogether. For that reason, your best bet would be to invest in a standalone RV GPS unit, which would guide you while on the road and find you the best routes specific to the restrictions of your RV.

Power Sources

In today’s world, one has become very reliant on the presence of electricity. Almost everything runs on electricity, from your smartphone device to your home appliances. And while your RV might make it feel like home, you will need to consider alternative power sources to make electricity accessible. 

You might think that you can rely on your RV battery, but you do not want to drain it out and find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. An obvious power source you might consider is generators. You can find some of the best suitcase generators on the market, which offer a compact power source suitable for your RV camping experience. However, if you are someone who is keener on being good to the environment, then you might want to consider installing a solar RV charging system and other solar-based power sources.

RV Appliances

So you are driving on the road, and you stop to cook your food. Are you going to light a campfire to cook it? While that might be a cool experience in itself, it kind of defeats the purpose of having an RV. To echo the comfort of your own home, try to figure out the appliances you generally use throughout your day and install them in your RV. These appliances should definitely include a deep freezer and refrigerator and an electric stove or microwave. 

If you are an avid coffee person, then this list should also include your coffee machine. Naturally, you should take with you the necessary tools, cookware, and containers, which will enable the use of these appliances.

Tire Gear

Any seasoned RV camper knows that it is always important that you are ready for any emergency. The most important of those emergencies, for which you should be prepared, are things to do with your tires. During a roadside emergency, you might find yourself needing to install your spare tire. To serve this purpose, you will need to have an RV lever and a tire wrench to make the installation happen. Having a tankless air compressor will also mean that you can top off a spare tire, or adjust air pressure in any tire for that matter, should the need arise. 

If your RV does not come with fitted tire pressure sensors, then it might be worth considering adding a tire pressure monitoring system yourself. It can be very dangerous to find yourself with a blowout while driving on the road. And safety set aside, what is your RV without all its tires functioning and intact?

Communication Devices

It is always handy to stay in touch with the outside world and find yourself with means for entertainment. To do this, you might want to install a good radio and music player, and possibly an RV satellite dish, to truly mimic the comfort of your home. You might even go so far as to get yourself a reliable mobile WiFi hotspot to stay connected with the times. However, if you are someone who prefers their seclusion, peace, and quiet, then as far as communication devices go, you will want to get yourself a pair of walkie talkies. This is particularly important if you need to stay in touch in a large area without mobile service.

As exciting as RV road trips and camping can be, your experience can take a turn for the worse or not be as comfortable as you would have hoped should you forget some of the essentials. By taking with you the must-haves on this list, you can guarantee yourself a more comfortable and well-prepared RV camping experience.


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