Great taste: Coffee making hacks you need to try

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Coffee making hacks

Sometimes, the first sip of morning coffee can feel like your soul has found residence in your body once again. Other times, though, it can feel like the excuse-of-a-coffee you’ve sipped has condemned your soul to live in exile for an eternity.

Making the perfect cup of coffee can be very tricky. However, contrary to popular opinion, anyone can make a great cup of coffee; you just need a slew of coffee tips and tricks that will help you make a great cup of java. So, can you guess what we’re about to unravel?

Here are some (not very) top-secret hand-picked coffee-related hacks that will spice up your life.

Some Bean Hacks

There are countless preferences when it comes to coffee. Some like to take their caffeine supply as a one-shot espresso; others like to let it take its time brewing on fire. Whatever your preferences in brewing methods, the importance of high-quality beans is something that everyone agrees upon. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of personal taste.

There are quite a few hacks when it comes to coffee beans. For starters,  instant coffee can’t be considered coffee, because these kinds are usually made from the lowest quality coffee beans. The richness of taste you get depends largely on the quality of the beans you use. The fresher the beans are ground, the tastier they’ll taste. Make sure to keep your beans fresh; either purchase them in small amounts depending on your needs, or only grind them before use. You can even roast your own beans by purchasing them green and doing the roasting yourself at home. As most of us don’t have access to coffee bean roasters, using a popcorn machine can do the same trick efficiently!

Make a Cup of Latte

coffee tips

Drinking black concentrated shots of coffee is great and all, but even the most avid coffee lover can desire a change of taste sometimes. After all, it all comes down to what we’re craving such cases, knowing how to make the perfect latte cup can be a lifesaver, and if you’re wondering if that is even possible to make at home, you’d be amazed by how much of a difference the quality of your beans makes. If you’re feeling fancy, according to these tips, learning how to froth your milk can take your coffee game to a whole new level. That said, frothing your milk doesn’t always have to be done using automated machines; you can achieve the thick texture you’re looking for through manual means. You can even froth milk of different temperatures to achieve different tastes!

Bulletproof Coffee

Sometimes, you’ll feel like having a cup of sugar-free latte. In this case, your best bet would be to brew a perfect cup of bulletproof coffee to power up your day. Bulletproof coffee can be made from quality ground coffee, to which cow’s butter and coconut oil are added. This combination not only gives a creamy and gratifying taste, but it also powers your body with energy throughout your day.

Cold-Brew Hacks

You can’t call yourself a hardcore coffee lover unless you’ve tried cold-brewed coffee. This type of coffee is made through soaking ground beans in cold water over a prolonged period of time, usually overnight. Nevertheless,  in case you don’t have the equipment to make a cold-brew, you can hack your way into it using an AeroPress, a water bottle, a sharp needle, a mason jar, and a sharp blade.

DIY Flavoring

On the other hand, there are many times when you just want to taste a different flavor in your coffee. Barista-made signatures are very well known for the flavors they add, so why can’t you make your own? You can, in fact, do that through several methods. The first would be to add finely ground powder to your ground beans while brewing, such as vanilla powder.  You can create your own DIY serums by mixing sugar in hot water, stirring till it’s fully dissolved, and then adding the flavors you want.

Cleaning Equipment

Many of us forget this important part of the job despite being the most critical of all. Coffee beans are some of the strongest substances when it comes to flavor and smell, and leaving traces of them in the coffee-making equipment will affect the taste of freshly brewed java. If you have trouble getting rid of the traces, try washing your equipment with baking soda and water.

You don’t have to suffer a trip to the nearest barista every time you crave quality coffee. When you know how to create it yourself, you’ll have the ability to make your coffee according to your mood on any given day. It all starts with some basic hacks, after which you’ll totally become your own special barista.


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