4 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Coffee

words Alexa Wang

In the recent past, the consumption of coffee has remained a growing trend. Evidence supports that coffee consumption can alleviate conditions such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular and liver diseases, among others.

It contains essential nutrients like riboflavin, niacin, potassium, magnesium, and a considerable level of antioxidants. Outlined below are the potential benefits of coffee intake.

Benefits Drinking Coffee

It Boosts the Energy Levels and Brain Functioning

Coffee contains a stimulant known as caffeine. Its primary function is to block the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine in the brain, triggering other neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine). These two are known for their stimulating effect on the brain, hence increasing alertness and energy levels. Caffeine triggers serotonin production, which improves brain functions such as memory, vigilance, mood, mental functions, and general energy levels. It has also been proven to improve short term memory and enhance mental capability in sleep-deprived individuals. Polyphenols present in caffeine protect the brain from memory loss, which may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

It Protects the Liver

Recent research in Italy revealed that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of liver cancer by 40%. Non-alcoholic fatty liver and gallstone diseases were also relatively reduced by the use of the beverage. Individuals who consume the recommended amount of coffee showed more resilience towards the condition than their counterparts who did not. The consumption of coffee also suppresses autoimmune ailments affecting the bile ducts.

The amount of caffeine in a coffee depends on factors such as the coffee type, the brewing method used, and the amount of coffee. Decaffeinated coffee is recommended for individuals who may be sensitive to caffeine. If you aren’t sure of how to prepare a tasty cup of coffee, you shouldn’t worry as coffee specialists from Sip Coffee have the hard-digging done for you. With step-by-step procedures on how to brew the coffee, you will end up with a cup of coffee that offers much-needed health benefits. Also, when it comes to preparing your coffee, understanding of the different types of coffee is essential, a reason why you should consider researching first.

Benefits Drinking Coffee

Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

High blood sugar levels characterize type 2 diabetes due to the body’s inability to absorb or secrete insulin. Studies show that coffee drinkers have often recorded a significantly lower risk of type 2 Diabetes. Statistics further indicate that the rate is reduced by approximately 23-50%. According to the research, each cup of coffee consumed reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes in an individual by 7%.

It Helps Fight Depression

In today’s world, depression has proved to be a very grave problem. It significantly degrades the quality of an individual’s life, making them miserable and very unhappy. Approximately 4.1 % of Americans suffer from clinical depression. A study was done in 2014 and revealed that women regularly consumed 4 cups of coffee a day, showing a 20% reduced risk of facing depression. It further showed that 53% of those that took four or more cups a day were less likely to suffer suicide-related deaths.

A parting shot, the recommended amount of coffee an individual can take in a day is three to four cups a day. Take caution since excessive consumption can be detrimental to your health. Additives such as sweeteners should be taken with caution since they can pose a risk to the consumer. It should also be noted that other unhealthy habits such as smoking can outdo the benefits of your coffee intake hence should be discouraged. Consumption should also be discontinued in individuals with fractured bones and pregnant women or other life-threatening conditions.


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