6 Ways To Keep Your Child Entertained While on Vacation

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Family vacations can be a lot of fun, especially for young ones. However, it’s unlikely that your kid will remain entertained throughout the entire trip. Therefore, it’s important to plan for times of restlessness or boredom. If you’re looking for ideas, here are six ways to keep your child entertained while on vacation.

1. Bring Books

Bringing books is an excellent way to keep children entertained during a vacation. One reason for this is that books can be bought anywhere, from hikes to European cruises. Another is that many books, particularly ones in the fiction genre, can be highly immersive. If your child is a bookworm, you may be able to keep the kid engaged for hours without lifting a finger! Be sure to bring books that you know your child loves. While new content may be appreciated, you don’t want to waste luggage space with an uninteresting novel.

Keep Child Entertained

2. Do Arts and Crafts

Few children’s activities are quite as time-consuming as arts and crafts, especially while on a trip. Therefore, you may want to bring some art supplies on your vacation. When it’s time for a break, find a quiet and stable area for your kid. Once that’s accomplished, you can sit back and watch your child create art. Be sure that the project isn’t too messy, especially if you’re in a public setting. Laying down a tarp or cloth is a good way to minimize mess, along with avoiding materials like glitter.

3. Play Games

While bringing a board game on vacation isn’t very practical, you don’t need to abandon games altogether. There are lots of things you could play, even while in a confined space! If you’re in a hotel room, you can try making an indoor obstacle course out of cushions and pillows. You can also try classic party games like Pictionary or Charades. If you’re looking for an easier option, consider bringing card games like Uno.

Your Child Entertained

4. Allow Picture Taking

It may seem mundane to you, but taking pictures can be very exciting for kids. Therefore, giving your child temporary control of the camera could be effective. This should only be done with older children, especially if your camera is bulky or expensive. In fact, it may be wise to invest in a disposable camera or two! While your child takes pictures, try to give the young one some tasks to complete. For instance, you could ask your kid to capture five seagulls or certain cloud shapes. Doing this may make the picture-taking feel more like a game. 

5. Use Electronics

These days, electronics are practically essential to bring on trips. Devices like tablets and phones can provide endless hours of entertainment, even for restless children. Be sure to bring a device that best suits your child’s interest. For instance, movie lovers can be best engaged with tablets or laptops. However, kids who like games may get more enjoyment from smaller devices. While it might not be wise to give your child unlimited access to electronics, providing devices during breaks can be very helpful.

6. Pack a Few Toys

When all else fails, favorite toys can usually be relied on to provide entertainment. This is especially true for younger children. Ergo, you’ll want to find a few smaller toys to bring on the trip. Since your luggage may get a bit roughed up, it would be smart to avoid delicate items. Stuffed animals and other plush toys are probably your best bet. If your child is old enough to decide, be sure to let the young one have a say in what’s brought. This gives you a better chance of avoiding tantrums and maintaining interest. 

When it comes to ensuring a successful family vacation, keeping children entertained is a must. Pay attention to how your kid is best engaged beforehand. Once your child is happy, all that’s left is to have fun!


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