6 influencer-approved fashion hacks that will make your outfits look better

words Al Woods

Fashion influencers make being a stylish human being look so simple. They make the most casual outfit look chic and well-thought out, they make a simple shift dress look like the pinnacle of fashion, and they make loungewear worth wearing everywhere.

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But how do they do this? How are they able to constantly look so good? What are the secrets behind the great looks they grace our Instagram feeds with? Today, you’re going to learn all about the fashion secrets experts and influencers use to elevate their looks.

Buy Co-ords Separately

Two-piece coordinated outfits have come back in a major way, becoming fashion staples over the last few couple of years. They take a lot of the guesswork out of getting dressed and also give you two separate pieces you can easily mix with other clothing items.

The challenge with matching two piece outfits is that the way they are sized often doesn’t work with many body shapes, so you end up with a top that’s sized right and a pair of bottoms that’s the wrong size. How do you work around this? By buying the parts of the outfits separately (which a lot of brands sell). That way, you pick a top and bottom that matches your size instead of trying to force one size, which ends up looking quite mediocre.

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Chic Tuck-Ins

Have you ever wondered how fashion influencers are able to tuck-in even the bulkiest sweatshirt into the tightest jeans? Their secret is not tucking in at all, but rather achieving the appearance of a tucked in top. This makes the tuck-in look neater, and the look will give you that fashion influencer effortlessness.

All you need is a long shoelace stretched out. Tie the shoelace around the top in the midriff area, and then pull up the top until it hangs over the shoelace, giving you the look you desire.

Bulky Sweatshirt Hack

There’s a huge difference between a chic oversized look and a bulky one. If you have a sweater that’s way too big, all you need are two rubber bands for the two bottom sides of the sweater.

Grab the excess fabric on one side and use it to tie up the excess fabric, and do the same on the other side. Now, take the two banded up sides and tuck them inside the sweater.

Fixing Jeans That Are Too Big

A good pair of womens jeans is a solid investment that will give you the gift of great looks for a long time, and if you have a favorite pair but you’ve lost some weight, and the waist area is looking too roomy, you can still wear your jeans with some creative fixes. If your jeans are too big, there’s two ways to address it.

  • One method is to grab a shoelace, and then thread it through the belt loops of the jeans. Then you can tie the two ends together which will take care of the excess fabric.
  • Another way to fix the same problem is to take the button of the jeans, put it through the belt loop that’s directly next to it, and then close the button, so that the excess fabric is hidden.

Just like the much-loved jeans you had stopped wearing can go back into rotation again.

Visible Bra Straps

Do you have a look that requires invisible bra straps, and you don’t know how to accomplish it without tapes, or pesky cups? Grab a bra with removable straps and after you’ve worn it, unhook the two straps at the front and then hook them together, and then slide them over the bra. It will give the look and a lot more support.

Dress for the Body You Have

One of the biggest reasons people feel like their outfits don’t look as good as influencer outfits is that they aren’t dressing to their bodies. If there’s one thing fashion experts know how to do is to dress according to their bodies. They learn what works and what doesn’t and they never get away with that.

We live in a world where people often follow trends without really thinking if they suit them. There are certain immutable laws of bodies and what clothing cuts and proportions work with them.

Before you buy a piece just because it looks good on someone else, take the time to double check if it works for you and your body. That way, every look you put on will always look effortless because it enhances your body and its shape. If you want to get a tee look at tshirtreviews to make sure you get the right one for you. 

If there’s one thing we can learn from fashion influencers, it’s that we can always take an outfit to the next level with a few hacks, tricks and creative fixes. Just because an outfit fits you, doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile to improve and perfect that fit. Follow these tips and more and you’ll have amazing, photo-worthy outfits too!


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