BMW 3 Series 40 years old – How does the tech stack up?

BMW 3 Series 40 years Old – How does the tech stack up? – words Alan Woods

For over forty years, the BMW 3 Series has been one of the most popular and best-reviewed cars on the road. First launched in 1975, it quickly made a name for itself and the present model has been declared the best in its class by a variety of reviewers.

Here we look at what the BMW 3 Series can offer in terms of tech and whether you might be interested in leasing it for your personal use.



The BMW 3 Series engine

BMW are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to efficient engines that will last you for tens of thousands of miles without any issue. The current model of 3 Series is a 2.0-litre four cylinder engine.

The performance capabilities of the 3 Series vary from what BMW do to each engine block. For example, the 316d SE saloon is the basic model and has a top speed of 127 mph and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 10.7 seconds. The combined fuel economy of this car is 68.9 mpg, ensuring you can save plenty of money on fuel.

The top edition for the 3 Series is the 320i M Sport saloon hits a top speed of 146 mph and is faster to 60 mph, with a time of 7.2 seconds. It also delivers well with fuel efficiency with a combined fuel economy of 51.4 mpg.

The interior tech

The engine under the bonnet is essential but it isn’t something we usually have to deal with ourselves. The tech inside the car is a different matter. This is the stuff we use every time we climb in and out of the car.


All BMW’s are fitted as standard with BMW’s infotainment system, iDrive. Reviewers say it is the most intuitive infotainment system on the market. It is operated by a control knob and features a large dashboard display on the centre console.

It can also be operated through an optional touchpad on top of the rotary dial to help input addresses using your fingertip to write individual letters. The system recognises each individual letter. There are also a selection of shortcut buttons to access key features such as the radio, media player and sat nav.

If you choose to get the upgraded iDrive Professional system, you get some extra features. These features include a larger display, the sat-nav receives traffic updates and a second display within the instrument binnacle. With this updated iDrive system, you also get 12GB hard drive and internet connectivity.

The 3 Series drive

BMW for forty years has achieved something magical with the 3 Series. It is a heavy saloon, but it drives like a sports car. The 3 Series has a variety of option available to you. You can set it to Auto and the car will decide which mode is best suited to what you are doing.

You can switch it to Comfort mode. This focuses the car on offering you the most comfortable ride by soaking up all the bumps and letting you cruise without concern or aches. Or you can switch it to Sport mode. This turns the car into a very different beast. Everything tightens and firms up. You can hit a corner at speed and fly out the other side without ever feeling like you are losing control. It holds you tight.

Leasing a BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series 40 years old and there are some great BMW lease offers out there right now. We love the 2017 BMW 3 series hatchback. It is the greatest saloon car ever made and is the best one on the market. It has the most intuitive infotainment system and drives like a sports car. It looks amazing and drives superb. Leasing is fast becoming the chosen option when it comes to getting a new car.

BMW 3 Series 40 years Old – How does the tech stack up? – words Alan Woods


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