What is Gorpcore & Why Should I Care About it? 

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What is Gorpcore

There is an undeniable seasonality to the fashion industry, with trends living, dying, and resurfacing at an ever-increasing speed. 90s grunge to Y2K revivals, the heated debate between millennial high-waisted jeans to Gen Z low-riders, the cycle is endless. 

But amongst the cacophony, one trend has been quietly gaining momentum and capturing the hearts of eco-conscious fashionistas – Gorpcore. 

What is Gorpcore? Is ‘gorp’ a real word? What makes it different, and why should we care about it? We will answer all these questions and more in this beginners’ guide to the world of Gorpcore. 

What is Gorpcore? 

The term ‘Gorpcore’ originates in the outdoor adventure community, where ‘gorp’ refers to the mix of dried fruit, nuts, and granola that is a staple snack for hikers on the trail. Born as an acronym for ‘good ol’ raisins and peanuts’, it now includes almost any variety of sweet and salty snack combinations. 

As a fashion niche, gorpcore is the melting point between urban streetwear and utilitarian practicality. It draws inspiration from the wardrobe of outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize form and function in their clothing on their adventures trekking across mountains and camping along the coast. 

Why Should You Care About Gorpcore? 

Originally coined by The Cut’s Jason Chen in 2017, Gorpcore is the embodiment of fashion, function, and environmental consciousness. It’s not just a trend for the wealthy 1%, Chen explains. “It’s live-good, do-good, feel-good fashion for the ones who care just a little too much.”


Gorpcore is a reflection of the shift towards sustainability in fashion. With the clothing industry producing some of the world’s largest volumes of waste, Gorpcore is a way of addressing the environmental issues posed by consumer and manufacturing culture today. Gorpcore philosophy centres around eco-friendly materials and practices. It’s a no-brainer choice for people who want to build their wardrobes with recycling and longevity in mind. 


Form over function, quality over quantity. Gorpcore might be one of many fashion trends, but it emphasizes the long-term value of investing in quality fashion staples that won’t disintegrate over a couple of wash cycles. It’s a win-win situation; you can save money and help slow the fashion industry’s overproduction cycle. And when you eventually part ways with your well-loved pieces, you extend their life by donating instead of disposing! 

Timeless Appeal

If your clothes are going to last you across the seasons, they’ve got to suit your look no matter the era. This is where Gorpcore fashion shines; where technicality meets fashion. It may be trendy, but the underlying classic lines and utility-based aesthetics mean it will never truly go out of style. 


Gorpcore is designed to take you from the outback, to the inner city, and back again. Versatility is sewn into its very fabric with pieces featuring weather-resistant materials, straps, and all the pockets you could need on your escapades. Check out the ARCS bag collection at Maplestore for something multi-purpose and stylish that can fit your gorp on the trail!  


There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes. Fashion trends don’t always have comfort as a priority, but it’s a huge factor in the growing popularity of Gorpcore. Think cargo pants, hiking boots, waterproof coats, and cross-body bags – everything is crafted with your maneuverability and comfort in mind. 

Why Does Everyone Still Love Gorpcore?

Gorpcore’s beginnings are humble as a ‘defiantly ugly’ micro-trend that countered beauty ideals in the 2010s. But why are Gorpcore staples like puffy coats, fanny packs, and hiking boots still surging across our streets and socials today? 

We can trace this 2023 Gorpcore renaissance back to today’s celebrity influencers. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, A$AP Rocky – with these powerhouse names bringing this micro-trend into the mainstream, it’s no wonder that Gorpcore is going viral once more. 

Outdoor clothing brands like North Face and Patagonia are adopting the trend by incorporating Gorpcore aesthetics into their collections. Even luxury fashion houses like Balenciaga, Prada, and Moncler are turning classic Gorpcore designs into their own. 

It might have started as a counter-culture trend but one thing is for sure. Gorpcore is set to stay, and become as lasting as the nature of its ethos. 


So, why is Gorpcore a thing? Why should we care about it? 

The rise of Gorpcore symbolizes a fresh take on practical, long-lasting, and sustainable fashion. There is a palpable shift in the collective mindset towards environmentally friendly shopping practices and the recycled fabrics, durable materials, and timeless style of Gorpcore absolutely embody this ethos – for slow-made, eco-conscious wardrobes that are ethical as they are stylish. 


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