Top Tips For Planning An Awesome Event

Planning an event can be tiring and anxiety inducing work. Online or physical, personal or work based, you want it to go well as it reflects on yourself. If it’s a professional event, it could well mean potential career or business opportunities are riding on the success of this one. If it’s more personal or for a friend, naturally you want it to run without a hitch, and give your friends a party they won’t soon forget (for the right reasons of course). Either way, it can be a stressful time, trying to get things organised, so here are some pointers to help prepare and run your event as seamlessly as possible.

Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

This one may seem like a no brainer, but the earlier you start planning, the better. This allows time for deviation if need be, gives everyone else involved time to prepare themselves, and also provides you with peace of mind. People tend to forget things and are likely to make more mistakes the more rushed they feel, so it’s good practice to start planning well in advance, if possible. Think about the things you CAN start early, like having a think about the purpose and driving force behind the event. Start shopping around for an appropriate venue if physical, most venues will typically want advanced bookings anyway. Think about the rough amount of people you’re going to invite, and the amount of staff you will need to make sure the event runs smoothly. You can never be too organised. Get a planner to keep track of your progress. Or if you’re planning multiple events, or just prefer digital tracking, you can always try using some venue management software. They’re a good way to keep track of everything and manage it all from one centralised application.

Testing, Testing

 Most events tend to have a lot of tech involved, whether it’s for sound systems, projection, etc. If you’re planning on using your own solution rather than what the venue offers, it helps to test it before the event. If you can get the venue at an earlier date and simulate the set up how you plan to have it on the day, great, however if not, then just trying to simulate it in your own space can work too. If you’re using cables, or any other technology like microphones, speakers, bring spares. It helps to be prepared in case of fault, and the last thing you need is an event being spoiled or stopped because your HDMI cable stopped working and you’re only halfway through your presentation. If you’re planning a virtual event, performing test runs can help iron out any technical difficulties before your event. Ensure the virtual tool you’re using is accessible for everyone, for example, maybe some users may not be able to connect using a Macbook (Unlikely, but it happens!). Test sound and microphone quality throughout, make sure everyone will be able to view what you’re sharing. 

Visit the Venue First, If You Can

When planning an event, it’s helpful to visit the venue first, if possible. Yes, thanks to modern technology you can view places online through video calls and virtual viewings, but being there physically tends to give you a better feel of the place, and gives you that spatial awareness that can’t be replicated online. It also helps build customer/consumer relations, as physically meeting is still an easier way to build rapport, and is seen as a more professional formality. It’ll also give you the opportunity to work out how long it’ll take to get to the venue, and provide others with directions, scout out the parking facilities, ensure the venue is accessible for everyone, and so on. 

Planning Awesome Event

Promote it

Again, another no brainer, as you can’t have a party without people, right? Make sure to exhaust whichever platforms you’re using to promote your event. If you’re planning a work Christmas party, try using the organisation’s website, email your colleagues or send calendar invites, you could even use the company newsletter or portal. If it’s more of a personal event, like a Birthday party, you can use social media to your heart’s content – send out event invites, create a short form video for it, create a whatsapp group, whatever works best for you. 

Have a Backup Plan

Of course, you’ll want your original plan to just work perfectly, but it’s good planning and foresight on your part to have a backup plan in case something goes awry. After all, it’s better to have and not need, than to need and not have, right?

Define Your Budget

During your planning phase, you’ll have to define a budget for the event. Take into account all cost factors, have a scout around to see what your rough estimate for each of your larger costs will be, for example equipment and venue hire, catering services, and if any staff are required. It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes for each factor, to get you a more accurate idea of how much everything is going to cost. Don’t forget to allow yourself a small amount of wiggle room, should anything change or go wrong at all.

Cater To The Crowd

It’s important to know who your audience will be, so tailor the event to fit your crowd.Think about who you’re trying to appeal to, what interests they share, what will keep them entertained. As soon as you know who you’re targeting, that may also affect physical aspects of the event, maybe what kind of music you’ll play, the food you prepare, what activities you choose, and so on. If it’s a virtual event, think about what you can do to keep your crowd engaged, as it’s typically harder to keep someone’s attention over a Zoom conference, as opposed to a physical event. You can always ask for feedback BEFORE an event, undertake a bit of market research if you already know your audience; find out what they expect from this event, what outcomes and desirables they hope to leave the event with. 





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