The Benefits of Practicing Yoga with a Partner

words Alexa Wang

Practicing Yoga

There are so many people these days practicing the ancient art of yoga. Yoga provides so many benefits like improving flexibility, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular activity and promoting a sense of peace and well-being.

Yoga can also help people to deal with stress, anxiety and a whole host of other physical, emotional and mental difficulties. Partner yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years and it can have serious positive effects on your relationship. This article will explain the benefits of practicing yoga with a partner. 

1. Yoga Helps Couples Build a Strong Connection

Yoga is a fantastic way to create a connection between our breathing, body, mind and soul. When we practice yoga alone we can feel every part of ourselves in a holistic way but when we practice yoga with our partner, this connection extends to them too. We connect to their breathing, their body, their mind and soul and the connection is so deep that it helps to reinforce a relationship. The professionals that you can visit here, discuss better poses to practice with a partner. Practicing yoga together is a great way to connect as with our busy lives, even if we live with our partners, we are often hard pushed to find quality alone time together. Taking an hour or two and committing ourselves to undisturbed partner practice is a perfect way to reconnect and reaffirm our love and fidelity. 

2. Yoga Helps You to Become Better Listeners 

Practicing yoga makes you more sensitive both to your own thoughts and feelings and to those of other people. It teaches us to listen and to engage with ourselves and our loved ones openly and honestly. Doing yoga is such an intimate experience that it breaks down any resistance or feelings of reservation of shyness so that you both feel confident and free to express your innermost thoughts to each other. When you do yoga with your partner, it can significantly improve your understanding of each other and open up invaluable channels of communication between you. Successful long-term relationships are built on good communication and practicing yoga together can transform the way you speak to your partner, and especially how you listen to each other. 

3. Yoga Promotes Mindfulness

Mindfulness is so important to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Mindfulness means you are living right here in the present moment and that you do not dwell on past wrongs or regrets or feel anxious or negative about the future. This is vital for maintaining a healthy relationship as holding onto grudges or stubbornly refusing to apologize or move on after a fight can create deep resentments which manifest in toxic behaviour. Being in the present with your partner by practicing yoga together enables you to be mindful together which will even further deepen your connection.

4. Yoga Stops You From Being Defensive

Yoga is a wonderful way to make us more open and forgiving and this is very important because putting up defensive walls stops us from giving ourselves fully to our partner and our relationship. Transparency and openness are so conducive to a loving relationship and practicing yoga with our partner is a wonderful way to lower defenses and build trust and dedication. There are so many of us who are afraid of dedicating ourselves to our partners out of fear of being hurt because of past experiences. Yoga helps us to be brave in relationships and if we are honest with our partners about our feelings then it can help them to reassure us.

Yoga prtner

5. Yoga Makes Us More Loving

Yoga is wonderful for opening our hearts and promoting feelings of love. This manifests itself generally in greater compassion and empathy and more specifically, in our relationships, it strengthens the feelings of love and affection between ourselves and our partner. Yoga can improve intimacy, enhance our sexual relationships and reaffirm physical attraction that sometimes gets lost or overlooked when we have been in a relationship with someone for a long time. Ultimately, relationships are all about love, and yoga can bring more love into your relationship and your lives.

Yoga has so many wonderful benefits and its worldwide popularity is showing no sign of slowing down. Practicing yoga with your partner can bring so much love, trust and understanding into our relationships and can help solidify your connection with your partner. Spending a few hours together on the mate is a romantic, intimate experience that can transform your relationship.


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