How to prioritize your wellbeing and be happy

words Al Woods

We are living longer than ever, and our workloads are only increasing as a result. In order to be successful, we need to work hard and take on a lot of stress throughout the day every day.

Then on top of work, we need to worry about securing our future, paying off debt, and deal with rising living costs. If you aren’t careful, your responsibilities can easily overtake your life, leaving you stressed out and mentally vulnerable as a result. It is for this reason that wellness has become so popular recently. We need to find the balance between work and play so that we can live a stress-free, healthy life. To start taking back your life, follow these steps to prioritize your wellbeing:


Set Boundaries and Manage Expectations

You are under no obligation to work all the time. As such, it is important that you set boundaries of expectation so that you can manage your working hours immediately. Start by creating an automated response email or putting your working hours under your sign off. That will allow clients of anyone else who emails you know that you will get back to them tomorrow in the morning. The same applies to making sure you leave work on time, especially if you do not get paid overtime for what you are doing.

Setting these boundaries will help you keep work at work. If you cannot for any reason do this, at the very least work in a specific area, like an at-home office or a location away from home. You want to keep your home for relaxing, and it’s hard to do when you work at home on the couch.

Have Emergency Savings

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is incredibly stressful, and if you have the means to exist outside of this lifestyle, you must start saving immediately. For a few months cut back spending and take the time to just save. There are plenty of free things to do in every city, so get to know the frugal side of the place that you live. Once you have a hefty sum of savings, then you can continue to live as you were before. Now, however, you have emergency savings available if, say, your car needs repairing, you get stuck with a hospital bill, or anything else.

Have Fun

When it does come to spending your money again, prioritize experiences over things. Things, especially in small urban apartments, can start to take up space and crowd you out before you know it. Rather than be swarmed by things, fill your life with new experiences and challenges like a fun round at an Escape Room OKC with your friends. The more engaged your brain is, and the more you focus on learning new things and doing new things, the happier you will be.

Prioritizing your wellbeing means being secure. Combine this security with clear boundaries so you don’t work more than you are paid to, and spend your money more wisely on experiences that will benefit your mental health and help you live an exciting, thrilling life.



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