5 CBD products you’ve (probably) never heard of

words Alexa Wang

Cannabidiol (CBD) is popping up in everything from skincare products to pet food, heralded for its ability to treat ailments including acne, arthritis, anxiety, and insomnia. CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis sativa plant, and is typically an oil—hence why it is commonly referred to as ‘CBD oil’.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another one of the 80 cannabinoids found in the plant, CBD has no psychoactive effects, which means it doesn’t get you high. Instead, it interacts with our central nervous system to affect our pain receptors, immune system, coordination, and movement.

Some of the most common forms of CBD include edibles, creams, and vapes. However, many brands embracing CBD are coming up with new and exciting ways to use it in their products.

1.    CBD alcohol

Plenty of us love a tipple, and now we can take CBD while enjoying our favourite beverage. The cannabinoid is typically steeped with other botanicals which already exist in many drinks, making CBD infusion pretty simple. These alcoholic drinks have captured the market’s imagination, with CBD gin, beer and more now available to purchase. Some believe CBD alcohol will also have an increased presence in pubs within the next few years, especially with brewing giants AB InBev investing in research into producing CBD-infused booze.

What to buy

Top Beverage’s CBD Craft Gin 54.5% ABV 100ml £20

Hop and Hemp’s CBD Easy Times IPA 0.5% ABV 12 x 330ml £30

CannaWine’s CBD wine 14.5% ABV 500ml £14.34

2. CBD water

Almost 80% of us struggle to drink enough water—would this statistic change if more people knew that it could be jazzed up with CBD? This is one of the easiest ways to consume CBD, and perhaps the most beneficial too, as drinking the compound enables it to move through the body into the digestive tract much faster than other methods.

Manufacturers use nanotechnology to reduce the compound to nanoparticle-size—roughly one million times smaller than its organic state—in order to infuse it with the water. This is a particularly impressive feat when you consider that oil and water don’t usually mix.

What to buy

CBD Living’s CBD Living Water 500ml £4.03

Dash Water’s British Sparkling Spring Water 16 x 330ml £19.99

Love Hemp’s CBD Water 500ml £1.29

3. CBD deodorant

Thanks to these nifty new deodorants, you can take CBD and smell good at the same time. They can be a great alternative to conventional roll-ons, as CBD contains antibacterial properties which help fight odour and anti-inflammatory qualities which soothe any skin irritation from razors.

These look set to take off, with Unilever announcing CBD products in the pipeline under its Schmidt’s Naturals brand. Don’t be surprised if more heavyweights in the health and beauty industry follow suit.

What to buy

Lafe’s Natural’s CBD roll-on deodorant 88ml £64.80

Mender’s CBD deodorant 57ml £12.96

Josiah’s Oil’s Patchouli & CBD Deodorant Roll-On N/A £15.39

4. CBD lube

It turns out you can even use CBD during sex. While the substance’s effect on sexual pleasure hasn’t been fully researched, its relaxing and anti-anxiety inducing properties are believed to make individuals more physically and mentally receptive to sexual activity. Its ability to boost blood circulation can also be beneficial.

It’s worth noting that these supposed effects are largely based on anecdotal evidence. Speaking to Health.com, Jamie Alan, PhD, assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Michigan State University stated that: “People report a better sexual experience, increased relaxation, a more intense orgasm, and even report sleeping better after sex.”

What to buy

Kush Queen’s Ignite CBD lube 30ml £40.54

Foria’s Awaken CBD lube 30ml £38.92

Privy Peach’s CBD Infused Personal Lubricant 3ml pouches £36.48

5. CBD toothpaste

The healing benefits of CBD toothpaste can potentially improve your oral hygiene. For instance, the compound’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties can help you cope with a toothache or gum swelling until you see a dentist, while it can even help preserve teeth and keep your gums healthy in the long term.

Indeed, research has shown that CBD can decrease bone resorption, stopping the destruction of the jawbone associated with the gum infection periodontitis, while reducing chronic inflammation can prevent gum disease full stop.

What to buy

CBD Technology Center’s CBD Toothpaste 100ml £12.12

Full Spectrum Oil’s CBD Elixir Toothpaste 75ml £10.00

CBD Marbella’s Hemp Extract & Grey Clay Toothpaste 90ml £19.62


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