How to feel good about yourself in the right underwear

How to feel good about yourself in the right underwear – words Alexa Wang

When it comes to underwear, some of us shop for comfort and some are shopping for the look. Regardless of whether you’re sporting something barely there or your favorite full coverage, it is hard to deny that the right underwear can transform you. Check out these three tips for finding the right undergarments to boost your confidence, and put a little swing in your step.
right underwearIt’s a match!

Every woman has days when we pick out our go-to bra and a trusted pair of knickers. Underwear isn’t just a little secret hiding under your clothes, it is the base layer of your look. Think of it this way- why wear mismatched underwear somewhere that you wouldn’t wear mismatched socks? Choosing a matching set is a great way to start your ritual of getting dressed. Find a matching set that is just as comfortable as your favorite separates, and you’ll never look back. According to Feather Bra ( choosing a lightweight breathable option will keep you comfortable all day, and since their panties are available in a pack of three, matching throughout the week is even easier. Speaking of comfort, that brings us to our next point.

correct underwearComfort is King (Or rather, Queen)

Underwear that fit well should be comfortable. Even if that bra or pair of knickers looks great in the morning, discomfort throughout the day wrecks your confidence, and unnecessarily distracts you from being a boss babe during the day. Poking underwires, sagging or rolling waistbands, and wedgies aren’t a good look for anyone. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect fit, don’t hesitate to get a little help. Bra sizing experts at your local department store, apps, or even just an old-fashioned measuring tape go a long way in learning about your beautiful and unique shape. When in doubt, see if you can find a sizing guide.

right underwearYou Do You

As with any other part of your ensemble, it is so important for your lingerie to fit your personal style. Are you breezy and casual? A simple black bra peeking out of a button down can be chic without trying too hard. If you’re need to be more business than casual, try something comfortable that won’t put visible bumps in your outfit from strap adjustments or hooks or leave you adjusting bits and bobs before an important meeting. A bodysuit can do wonders as well, streamlining both your outfit and silhouette. Pair it with jeans for a simple but sleek outfit, or wear it under your favorite dress if you’d like to feel a little more smooth and seamless. Having the right undergarments makes your outfit complete and helps your looks fit and function the way you’d like.

Picking the right base layer when starting your day can make a huge difference in both comfort and confidence. Putt a little extra care for yourself into your morning routine, and you will notice a difference. The best part about how good you’ll feel though, is that you won’t even think about your underwear for the rest of the day. Being your best self means ditching discomfort, and feeling confident without constant adjusting yourself.

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