Add a dash of culture to your Euro-trip with these amazing festivals this summer!

Add a dash of culture to your Euro-trip with these amazing festivals this summer!

Planning a Euro-trip this summer? Well, in all fairness, Europe is a traveller’s paradise. London, Paris and Frankfurt attract a large number of tourists every year. According to reports, Spain, Italy, and France are the most popular destinations in Europe.

Every year, countless tourists make their way to the continent to spend some time away from the ups and downs of everyday life.  If you wish to treat yourself to some breathtaking views, then Europe is the place for you.

It’s a foodie’s paradise

Also, a Euro-trip is incomplete without some mouth-watering food. A joyride through Italy isn’t complete without treating yourself to some cheesy spaghetti. Similarly, if you’re travelling to Spain, then you just have to eat some delicious Pisto (Spanish ratatouille). Nothing works like food, right? You can also treat yourself to some street food if you like. Pinchitos are quite common. You can feel your taste buds tingling with excitement when one of those pinchitos goes into your mouth.

Also, here’s a list of some of the popular cultural festivals and events that you cannot afford to miss in case you are planning to embark on a Euro-trip. Get in touch with White Label Hospitality and get your tickets booked now.

cultural festivalSan Fermin

That’s one of Spain’s most famous cultural festivals. The festival is organised in July in the city of Pamplona. If you’re one of those who simply love having an adrenaline rush, then you gotta attend this festival. In case you don’t know, you’d have bulls running behind you (that is exactly what leads to an adrenaline rush). Millions of tourists throng the streets of Spain every year in order to catch all the action. The event is accompanied by music and dance. You’ll find a lot of people beating drums, pans and pots. The proceedings are shown live on TV. it’s a festival like no other. Mind you, it is not for the faint-hearted.

amazing festivalsThe El-Classico

You’re in Spain, right, you can’t leave the country without watching arch-rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid taking on each other. It’s a game of epic proportions. All the sports lovers travelling to Europe cannot afford to miss El-Classico. If you’re a die-hard fan of Lionel Messi, then you gotta be there at Camp Nou. The 89th season of the La Liga would kick-off in August. It’s a great time to visit Europe and Spain. You might run into a few Barcelona fans at the airport.

culture festivalOktoberfest

Let us move to Germany, the land of beers. If you wish to taste some of the finest lagers, then you need to go to the Oktoberfest.  The event is held in September and ends somewhere in the first week of October. It’s not just about the countless types of beers you’d be getting to taste, it is also about the legacy that you’ll get to experience. The festival began in 1810 and has now become an integral part of Germany’s culture. Come, be a part of the celebrations.

amazing festivalsThe Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

The festival happens to be a 9-day affair. It is held in Yorkshire Dale village. For those of you who love lush-green farmlands and scarecrows, then this festival is for you. The festival is organised in order to raise funds for a local school. You too can contribute if you like.

If you are a music lover or have one in the family, you can rearrange your itinerary around some of the greatest musical tours in Europe. It’ll be all worth it, and here’s what you can expect.

Once you get a chance to travel through Europe, you’ll find countless festivals. Europe’s known for its rich culture, history, monuments, and food ( food’s most important XD). So, if you’re planning to travel through Europe, keep track of all of these festivals.

Having vacationing, folks!




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