5 unexpected ways to save money

words Al Woods

Most people would benefit from a bit of extra money each month. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to maximize your budget and boost your savings without having to make huge sacrifices. With this in mind, here are five unexpected ways to save money.

1. Protect your phone

In today’s digital age, mobile phones have become a must, and most people own an expensive smartphone like an Android or iPhone. These can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase, but unfortunately, they can become damaged relatively easily. Statistics show that American smartphone owners broke over 50 million phone screens last year and spent around $3.4 billion to repair them. This is a massive unnecessary expense that can easily be avoided. You can protect your phone by using high-quality screen protectors like BodyGuardz iPhone 11 max. Having a protector will significantly reduce the likelihood of your screen becoming cracked or damaged if you accidentally drop your phone. A screen protector is affordable, easy to apply, and should save you money by avoiding having to pay to repair or replace broken phone screens.

2. Be careful when shopping online

It is now extremely easy to make purchases online. Many people have accounts with their cards linked, which allows them to make instant purchases without entering any details. This is dangerous. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes while browsing online. Make sure you carefully consider any online purchases. Ideally, you should wait a few days to see whether you still really want the item before you make a purchase.

3. Choose ugly produce

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food gets wasted each year. This accounts for almost a third of all food made for human consumption! In response to this, many major supermarkets are now selling “ugly” produce for a discounted price. “Ugly” produce is fruit and vegetables with flaws such as discoloration, bruises, or asymmetry. These items would often be avoided by consumers and end up in the bin in a few days. Purchasing ugly produce has many fantastic benefits; it helps reduce food waste, it can be more nutritious, and it’s likely to save you money on your grocery bills.

4. Visit charity shops

Buying used or second-hand items can save you huge amounts of money. Charity shops are often a treasure trove of quality vintage items, antiques, and one-of-a-kind pieces. The majority of items are still in excellent condition, and you can find some amazing deals, plus you’ll have the opportunity to purchase something unique that no one else has. Buying from a charity shop is also environmentally-friendly as you’ll be helping to reduce waste and harmful carbon emissions.

5. Look for free activities

Activities like meals out and trips to the cinema can get expensive, especially if you have several plans in the week. Cut your expenses by looking for low-cost ways to spend time with your friends or partner. Hosting a meal at home, having a picnic in the park, or going for a sunset walk, are all fun activities that won’t cost you much. Try to save expensive restaurants and activities for special occasions.


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