How to create a fantastic man cave on a budget

How to create a fantastic man cave on a budget – words Alan Woods

Man Cave, The Dude Den, Husband’s Hideout, whatever creative name you decide to call it, it’s a space dedicated to you and your hobbies.

It should be a place you want to show off to your mates which means it needs to be filled with awesome designs and envy-inducing gadgets to get people talking.

First things first, since there’s probably a high chance you might be sleeping in there, whether planned or otherwise, you should definitely invest in a sofa bed – and not one of those flimsy futon’s you’d sleep on at college. You’ll find a range of undeniably comfortable sofa beds from Arlo & Jacob here.

A pool table is the holy grail of man cave paraphernalia. Not only can you brush-up on your own skills but you can play host to weekly game nights. Fusion Tables have a range of excellently designed convertible pool tables. It has to be one of the ultimate man cave accessories.

man cave on a budget

Every man cave needs a chalkboard wall to write down your genius billionaire-making inventions and to keep score of legitimate (and your made-up) games. It’s an incredibly thrifty DIY project that you can complete in a few hours. Purchase a tin of chalkboard paint from Homebase and get cracking. It is oen of the cool things to have in a man cave.

man cave on a budget

The man cave is not a place for prim and proper furniture, but rather a chance to express yourself with some seriously neat interior designs. Upcycling is a great way of converting cool objects into usable pieces of furniture, like this beer keg side table. You’ll find a range of unique upcycled furniture like this from Upcycled Creative.


No man cave is complete without a fully stocked bar. For some seriously edgy and original bar ideas, check out Pinterest, which is where this retro TV example is from – now that’s what you call vodka vision! This is how to turn your room into a man cave.


Finish off your man cave with a vintage inspired dartboard – you’ll find a vast range on Etsy, and finally, get creative with a range of super stylish man cave posters. Ebay, as well, has lots of good cheap man cave furniture and cheap man cave stuff. There’s a fantastic range for you to peruse from Dude Living.

How to create a fantastic man cave on a budget – words Alan Woods












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