The best fitness apps out there right now

words Alexa Wang

Whether you are a regular gym goer or you like to work out on the go, sometimes it can be tricky to plan your work out or even keep track of your progress. Both Apple and Android devices have a plethora of fitness apps made for exactly that, making working out easier and more accessible than ever. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. MyFitnessPal

    This app is one of the highest ranked fitness apps in the industry. Used predominantly to track your diet, the app features a database of more than five million foods, a barcode scanner and a recipe importer. This allows you to easily and quickly track what you are eating, making it great for keeping on top of your calorie and nutrient intake.

  2. MapMyRun

    Ideal for runners, MapMyRun plans routes for you. By inputting your postcode, the app will pull up all of the popular running routes in your area. The app has over 70 million routes available, so whether you are a travelling runner, or just like to try different routes in your area, you can guarantee that you will always have a route to follow.
    A great function of this app is the ‘Route Genius’ option, which allows you to choose how many miles you would like to run – the app will then generate a route for you to follow. The app will record all your work out details, including duration, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned, which makes it easy to track your progress.

  3. Aaptive

    Your own personal pocket trainer! Aaptive allows you to experience trainer-led, music driven audio workouts whenever and wherever you want. You can find a class based on trainers, programme, intensity or music. Once you have chosen your work out, just pop in your headphones and the trainers guide you.

  4. Fitplan

    This app is known as the No.1 personal trainer app, allowing you to follow the exact same workout routines used by some of the world’s best trainers via HD video.
    You can select your workout based on which muscle group you want to work on and you are supplied with a video for each exercise, along with the amount of sets and reps laid out for you. You do have to pay for the app to access all the available workouts – however they do have a section of free workouts, perfect for trailing the app before committing to making a payment.

  5. Pocket Yoga

    Pocket Yoga is the perfect app for those of you who like a gentler work out and for those who like to work out on the go. Choose between different practices, durations and ability levels, the app has something suitable for everyone. The app aims to recreate the most realistic yoga experience possible, soothing music and voice will guide you through your practice and even tell you when to inhale and exhale.
    A really great feature that Pocket Yoga includes is its comprehensive ‘Pose Dictionary’, which details a number of yoga poses, how to perform them, the correct form and alignment, pose descriptions and benefits, illustrations and more.

There seems to be an app for pretty much any workout you can think of, which is very handy for when you are on the go and looking to track progress. However, if using apps isn’t something that doesn’t particularly appeal to you, then you can never really beat seeking the help and advice of a certified personal trainer. Personal trainers can be found easily online, or directly through your gym, and normally offer one to one or group sessions, to help guide you through your work outs, set you goals, correct any mistakes you may be making and even advise on diet. If you are someone who is very much into their fitness, take a look at these sport supplements from Supplements Direct, for that extra push when attending the gym.


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