Hiking and laptop backpack that everyone should own

Hiking and laptop backpack that everyone should own – words Alexa Wang

One of the key things which you will need when going for a hike is the backpack. An excellent backpack will provide you with enough space to pack your items and still leave you with some space for adding more items which you may collect during your hiking expedition.

Choosing the right backpack is not easy. You will have to evaluate so many factors. And worse still, some of these factors such as durability are quite difficult to ascertain just from the looks. I know you would like a backpack, which will not disappoint you during the hiking period. Something which will add merry and joy to your trip.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a balanced guide to help you choose a backpack which will meet most of your packing needs.


Top Features to Look For

Although the features below are not exhaustive, they will help you in choosing a backpack, which will align with your needs.

1. Loading Options

Backpacks come with different loading options. There are those which have a zipper for each compartment and there are others which use a drawstring at the top to close the bag. The bag opening options will also determine the ease with which you can access items at the bottom of your bag or those sandwiched between other items in the bag.

The backpack application will determine the most appropriate loading for that specific backpack. For hiking expeditions, Backpacks Global recommends the zipped backpack with various packing compartments. The zipped backpack offers more packing and item accessibility options than the drawstring backpack. At the same time, most zips come with a lock option allowing you to better secure your items.

2. Laptop Compartment

It’s important to check whether the backpack you are purchasing has a dedicated laptop compartment. While it is true that you can pack your laptop in the same compartment with other items, the possibility of you damaging the laptop from scratches and excess pressure is quite high. A laptop compartment will also increase the chance of your laptop surviving a sudden bag fall or a sudden impact.

3. Material Used

The material used will go a long way in determining the durability of the backpack. It will also determine whether the bag is waterproof or not. Go for those materials which are strong, aesthetically appealing, and if need be, waterproof. Weak materials, especially, when used for the straps tend to snap after a short period of time sending you back to the stores to look for a replacement. You don’t want such disappointments. Choose backpacks made of materials which are known to last for long.

4. Waist Strap

The waist strap is used to help you distribute the weight between your shoulders and the waist. It’s especially important when you are carrying heavy weights. It will help you minimize the strain on your shoulders and also help you trek for longer distances without taking rest breaks. If you are choosing a large-sized backpack, go for those which have a waist strap.

Hiking Backpack Size Guide

There are different backpack sizes to fit your different hiking needs. Usually, the size of a backpack is measured in terms of liters. The liters represent the volume of items which can be carried in the bag. If you have trouble with creating a mental image of the size of a liter, just know that one liter is equivalent to 1000 milliLiters.

1. 15-30 L Small Size

This size of a backpack is suitable for short-lived travel where you don’t need to carry many items. It will accommodate a few items and you will most likely be able to walk comfortably with it without the waists strap.

2. 40-45 L Medium Size

This is the ideal backpack for those who want to go hiking, but don’t want to carry excess items. It will give you enough space to pack most of the hiking gear.

3. 50-65 L Large Size

This size is relatively big. If you pack it to the brim, you may find it difficult to walk comfortably with it unless the items packed are of significant low density. Go for this size if you like stashing several winter clothes in the backpack. It’s also ideal for those who are going with the family and want a big-sized backpack for the common use.

4. 70-120 Extra Large

This backpack size is extremely large for an individual. But you may still go for it if you love the extra-sized bags. But it may give you some trouble carrying it for long distances.

Hiking getaways offer creative ways of breaking from the normal work routine and help the body and the mind to relax and regain energy. For you to fully enjoy your hiking expedition, you need a backpack, which will safely and comfortably help you to carry your items. Use the above pointers to choose a bag which best fits your needs and preferences.


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