Putin fears Trump – for all the right reasons

Putin fears Trump – for all the right reasons – words Lee Taylor

When Putin is lying on his deathbed and he’s asked for his one greatest regret I know exactly what he will say. He will whisper in faltering words how he regrets installing Trump in the White House.

His biggest success may well turn out to be the very thing that brings him down.

You have to admire his audacity. Rigging the US election to get Trump installed is gobsmackingly extraordinary. It’s sending shockwaves across the US and the rest of the world.

putin fears trump

But it’s one thing to get your man in the position of power. It’s another trying to control someone like Donald Trump. Putin fears Trump and so he should. He’d probably do anything to have Obama back right now. Putin is having contortions in his bed at night as he imagines what his stooge is doing or saying now. Running of his mouth and making a general tit of himself. At night Putin is haunted by an orange clown.

Trump, you see, is incapable of carrying out the task at hand. He’s too busy watching himself on TV and having meltdowns on Twitter. Why couldn’t he have had Ted Cruz or Mike Pence doing his bidding instead? Or someone like Medvedev, good old Medvedev, who could carry out orders and do exactly as he was told.

Because when Trump thinks he’s being all hard and talking tough on the world stage the rest of us see a deranged orange baboon spouting garbage and puffing out his chest. Putin is no fool. He must see what we all see.

Right now a battle is taking place. Putin’s debasement of freedom and democracy might have worked in his own country but the US is a whole different matter. The intelligence community and an army of bloggers and independent press, willed on by an army of millions are doing all they can to trip up this nasty little coup. This fight is going on right now as I write and it’s fascinating to watch. Leaked info is their weapon of choice and they know just how to use it. It looks to me (and I dearly hope) that The Resistance has the upper hand. Trump and his cartoon fascists are on the ropes having suffered some heavy body blows. He’s lost a tooth and there’s blood streaming from his nose. One more sucker punch and he’s dead meat. We’re hoping and praying anyway.

If Trump goes down who will fall with him? This is not just about a few greedy friends and family of Trump. This was a well-coordinated coup to takeover America. It involved people from the highest levels in the US and Russia. When the deranged orange toddler falls just watch his blabber mouth go. Just watch him bring down all those rotten apples from the morally bankrupt wing of the Republican Party, corrupt bankers and mobsters with him. Just watch it all come crashing down with one almighty bang.

And as it all collapses Putin will see his dreams crash and burn. He wanted to set up a new world order with Russia at its head with his wannabe dictator mates such as Duterte, Erdogan and yes Trump at his side. As Trump and his gang come tumbling down it will be for the whole world to see. The lies, the dirt, the stench of corruption and the blind greed will be exposed. The world and the Russian people will then be able to see for themselves what exactly Putin is made of. That surely must be his greatest fear.

Now the gloves are off. Trump will fight like a rabid dog and Putin will stop at nothing to prop him up. This is because he knows what’s at stake. If the wheels come of the Trump Russia train and it all hits the decks it might just drag Putin down with it. Sometimes when you’re think you’re basking in the moment of your greatest success you’re actually staring at your own demise.

Putin fears Trump – for all the right reasons – words Lee Taylor

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