Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Cleaning Service

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There are many times in life when it’s just easier to hire a cleaner than doing it yourself. But there are many things to consider before jumping in with the first cleaning service that you find. Read on to find out more about hiring a cleaning service for your home.

Hiring Cleaning Service

Searching for a Cleaning Service

First thing’s first, you need to find yourself a cleaner. For instance, there are many cleaning services and companies around the UK. Get online and have a dig around for a company near you. For example, try searching for “the best cleaning services in KT6”. This way you will be able to find the best cleaning services in your area. Local services are always the best.

Read Some Reviews

Once you’ve shortlisted your local cleaning services, dive into reading some reviews. Look for an independent review site to ensure the reviews are legitimate and relevant to the service you require (business, home cleaning, etc.) Some sites allow you to compare reviews from different companies, which is a nice bit of extra research when available. 

Seek References

One step further than reading reviews is to seek references from other customers of the company you are looking into. If you know anyone else who has used cleaning companies, reach out to them and ask how the team was. This way you can get a more personal review, and know that it’s honest. 

Find Out What’s Included

Most companies will be very transparent on their website with costs. Some, however, may hide extra expenses to try and charge a little extra for certain services. Do a comparison of what is included in each company. For example, a standard full home clean at one company may include oven cleaning, and another company may charge extra for kitchen appliances. 

Alongside this, check out their terms and conditions documents, which will likely be available on their website as well. Here you will find full details on what’s included alongside what time frame they work to and any guarantees they may offer. Look for any fine print which may come back to catch you out later! 

Get a Quote

After doing all the above, reach out to the company via phone or email, and get a quote. At this point, it’s best to be as detailed as possible with what you require. Send measurements, pictures, and a full list of any appliances, windows, or carpets that need cleaning. This way they will be able to give you a highly accurate quote. If you ask two or three companies you can then directly compare quotes and promises from each company.

Cleaning Service

When Might You Hire a Cleaning Service

There are many times when hiring a cleaning company would be useful, or even essential! Below are a few examples of common reasons to hire a cleaning company. We recommend hiring a cleaning service for:

End of Tenancy

In the UK over 4.5 million people live in rented accommodation. One of the most common clauses in a rental agreement is that you have to return the home in a professionally cleaned state when your tenancy comes to an end. Many people decide to clean themselves but are then caught out by not doing a good enough job. It is definitely best to find a great local cleaning service for an end of tenancy clean.

Deep Cleaning of Utilities

Have you lived in the same house for a long time? You probably do your best to keep your oven clean, but over time it gets very built up with grease and burned foods. At this point, it may well be best to get a professional to come and clean. Especially if you are running a business with many ovens or similar heavily used equipment.

Carpet Cleaning

Not many people have their own carpet cleaner at home, they are bulky and expensive. But most manufacturers recommend a thorough clean at least once every two years. You could hire a carpet cleaner and do it yourself, but for the same price, you can have a professional come and treat all your carpets.

Post Building

What makes more mess in a home than construction work? If you’ve recently decorated or renovated, your house may be covered in dust, paint, and other annoying dirt. Call a professional who knows how to deep clean a post-construction house properly.

In this article, we tell you precisely why hiring a cleaning service is such a good idea. And if you need more information to help you decide, you can check Eloise’s Cleaning Services.


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