10 reasons to make Cape Town your next holiday destination

words Alexa Wang

Are you looking forward to taking a holiday soon? Lately, South Africa’s very own Cape Town has been creating quite a bit of buzz as one of the most popular destinations around the world. With its scenic views, amazing wine, and all year round perfect weather, it’s no surprise that Cape Town is an irresistible travel destination for people of all ages.

Check out these top 10 reasons why you should make the vibrant city of Cape Town your next holiday destination.

Internationally Acclaimed Wine

Cape Town is known for its award-winning wines. With its very own wine routes, you can easily visit wineries and cellars with ease. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just love drinking wine, Cape Town’s Winelands will show you one of the most beautiful views of the country as well as a taste of the famous and finest wines that everybody is talking about. Hop-on and hop-off trams, take a helicopter ride or drive around to different wine regions to experience wine tastings, wine safaris, and cellar tours. You will certainly expand your wine palate and wine knowledge after one visit to one of Cape Town’s famous wineries.

Penguins at Boulder Beach

Cape Town holiday trip

Ever wanted to see adorable penguins in real life? In Cape Town, you will get a chance to meet Jackass Penguins at Boulder Beach! A quick day trip to Boulder Beach will not only allow you to frolic and swim at the beautiful beach, but also get to know the adorable penguins that hang out there! However, make sure not to get too close to the penguins and do not ever feed them.

Breathtaking Views at Table Mountain

Table Mountain is Cape Town’s iconic landmark and is considered one of the seven wonders of nature. For 5 minutes, a Table Mountain cable car ride will get you to experience a full 360 degrees view of the entire city. This gentle ride is perfect if you want to enjoy Cape Town at its finest from 3,500 feet up above the city!

Topnotch Hospitality

Cape Town is bustling with different accommodation options, from comfortable budget hostels to luxurious hotels. In fact, you can even check out this website and book your stay in your very own private villa for your entire holiday, complete with a Jacuzzi, private chef, and a swimming pool with a view! The Cape Town’s hospitality industry is booming and you will certainly find the perfect lodging that will suit your needs, preferences, and budget.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

If you have a green thumb or a nature lover, you will certainly fall in love with the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.  It is home to about 20,000 South African plant species. You can join a free guided tour,  go hiking, check out the scented garden, set up a picnic, and you can even find a waterfall in the botanical garden.

Paragliding Over The Atlantic Ocean

independent travel

If you are looking for an adrenaline fix or just want to see the city from up above, you can go tandem paragliding! No previous knowledge or experience is necessary as you will be briefed by an instructor and accompanied by an expert pilot. In no time, you will be able to know how to steer the paraglider above the city!

Award-Winning Restaurants

Dubbed as the culinary capital of South Africa, Cape Town is filled with a number of critically acclaimed restaurants. Cape Town offers a number of excellent dining experiences through various local and international cuisines. Make sure not to miss out on a fynbos-inspired dishes with matching South African wines.

Cosmopolitan City

Cape Town is a melting pot of color and culture. You will get to see this in its rich culture and history. When in Cape Town, check out the Cape Dutch architecture and try signing up for a cooking class in Bo Kaap. There is so much to see and experience in this beautiful city.

Great All Year Round Weather

Thanks to its moderate Mediterranean climate, you can easily visit Cape Town any time of the year. November to February guarantees hot and dry weather, whereas March to September offers cooler and quieter months.

Shopping Galore

Home to unique boutiques, prestigious brands, and talented local designers, Cape Town is a vibrant shopping destination. You can find several malls, shopping centers and boutique stores for a range of luxury designer items to budget local finds.

With its captivating views, food, wine, and rich culture, Cape Town should be on your bucket list. Visiting Cape Town can be easily done according to different budgets. Not only is it a beautiful city, it also offers wonderful experiences for an unforgettable holiday.


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