Improve your sleep pattern during the summer

Improve your sleep pattern during the summer – words Al Woods

This summer might have brought a few days of wet, rainy weather but that doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed long days of sunshine as well.

You might find that you are struggling to get to sleep with light streaming in through the windows as the long summer days seem to stretch on forever.

Or even also be lucky enough to experience some higher temperatures during the day and into the night. If this is the case then you might find that you need some help improving your sleep pattern.

Here are just a few ways you can improve your sleep pattern this summer and for the rest of the year by making small changes:

Changing Your Mattress Or Bed

7 years is the average lifetime of a mattress but for many people the wear and tear can take its toll on their sleep way before that. With creaking springs, worn out padding and a sunken mattress, sleep can be uncomfortable and impacting on your back, neck and spine.

Instead of suffering with an uncomfortable mattress this summer and for the rest of the year, make sure to invest in something that can stand the test of time, provide maximum comfort but also support you as you are sleeping.

A Tempur Mattress is the perfect product to buy with the ability to offer a comfortable night’s sleep and support your spin fully as you sleep. Dependent on your particular requirements, the Tempur-pedic can offer a hard or soft nights sleep with material designed to work on pressure and reduce any tension you may have.

Installing Blackout Curtains

WIth the summer sun streaming in through the windows, it can be hard to get to sleep when the sun is setting later than normal. Especially if you have young kids, you may find that it is a struggle to get them into bed and asleep on time.

Installing blackout curtains means you can reduce the amount of light in your bedroom without having to wear an eye mask. This can help your body to naturally switch off and have the best chance of a great nights sleep. It’s one of those obvious but effective tips to help you sleep.

Drink More Water

Everybody knows that they should be trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This can help with everything from clearing up your skin to boosting your energy during the day. However, drinking plenty of water can also allow you to have a blissful nights sleep as long as you don’t drink it too near to your bedtime or you might end up with a 4am trip to the toilet.

Have a glass of water by your bed so that if you wake up thirsty you can quickly hydrate yourself and go back to sleep. This is just one of many natural sleep remedies that work.

Turn Your Phone Off

According to one study of 2,000 people it was suggested that people under 25 check their phones an average of 32 times a day. These experts have also stated that the increased brightness from the phone can have a damaging effect on the eyes.

Before you go to bed make sure that you turn off your mobile phone or at least put it away from you so that you do not look at it in bed. You don’t want it to affect your normal sleep hours. This will reduce the impact it has on your eyes and make sure you don’t wake up with a headache the next day.

Perfect your summer sleep pattern and have a fantastic nights sleep so you can get the most out of your summer.

Improve your sleep pattern during the summer – words Al Woods


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