How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

Are you feeling out of shape but have no time to exercise? Is your excuse a busy work schedule and demanding home life? Regardless of how hectic your life may be, there are ways to fit some exercise into even the most busiest schedules.


exercise tips


Here are some exercise tips that will help you to get a workout even on the busiest of days:


Take the Stairs

Are you in a rush to get to the office? Take the stairs and run if you are late. If you are not late, take the longer route to your office and get some cardio exercise along the way. Having a hectic work schedule, one should be willing use any situation and turn it into an exercise.


Park Far Away

Do you have a designated parking spot that is close to the main entrance? Consider parking in a different spot further away from time to time and allow yourself to walk a longer distance. However, make sure let the owner of the new spot know about your plans to avoid conflict.


Take a Walk during Lunch

Do you bring your lunch to the office to avoid wasting time? Lunch breaks should be used for your personal needs. Use this time and walk several blocks from your office to have lunch. The fresh air will be good for you and your work once you get back. You can either walk alone if you fancy some alone time or bring a coworker with you for some animated discussion.


Stretch or Exercise during Conference Calls

While you are on a conference call and nobody can see you, do a few exercises by your desk: arm and leg stretches or use a stress ball. At the end of the call, you will be feeling more energized after relieving some stress.


Reduce TV Time

Instead of sitting in front of the TV during your free time, consider walking your dog or riding a bike as you go to pick up your groceries. You can also take your kids to the park and instill an active lifestyle in them. They also need to learn how to exercise and keep fit.

You can even don some workout gear to help you get motivated. According to the owner of Just for Kix, wearing the right exercise gear puts you in the mood to exercise. When you see how good you look in your workout clothes, you will find creative way that will allow you more time in the gym.


Commit to a Schedule

If you want to stay healthy without interfering with your work hours, you should commit to a schedule. Start by looking at your schedule and figuring out when you have the time to work out. If your schedule is always shifting, set your workout time for the beginning of the month. Doing so will make it easier to adjust for changes in your work schedule.


Partner Up

Do you always find the time for anything else and forget to exercise? You need an accountability partner who has the same fitness goals as you. This person will remind you about your scheduled workouts and keep you accountable, which will help you to reach your goals faster. Just make sure that the partner you choose is not as busy as you are because you both might skip on your arrangement.


Unleash Your Inner Child

Your exercise routine does not need to be traditional in order to work. You can keep a fit physique by joining your children in the backyard as they play a game of tag or taking your dog to the park for a Frisbee game. Active play will not only keep your body fit but is also good for your soul.


Eat Properly

Nothing can sabotage your plan to stay fit faster than eating the wrong foods. Stay away from high-fat and sodium foods, which increase body fat. You need to set aside some time to create a healthy menu.

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