What makes the Lake District so special?

What makes the Lake District so special? – words Alice Turnbull

The Lake District is the best spot to visit in the UK with its mix of raw beauty and fun activities.

Not only is it justly famous within the UK for its cultural history, rare wildlife and amazing scenery, but also worldwide. It regularly attracts visitors from around the globe.

National Park

What makes the Lake District so special and different from the rest of the UK? The first thing to remember about the Lake District is that it is a National Park; as such it is managed and looked after to preserve its natural beauty for both present and future generations to enjoy.

The number of rivers and lakes found within the Lake District National Park are almost hard to keep track of. There are well-known examples such as Lake Windermere, but don’t forget the northern part of the Lake District, with Derwentwater, Ullswater and Bassenthwaite Lake to take advantage of. Not only do these lakes support the many species of wildlife in the area, they also create the perfect environment for water-sport enthusiasts.


There is also a rich, diverse array of woodland to see within the Lake District. Visitors can explore the many fells, mountains and woodland, with a varied range of things to see and do. Not only does this add to the stunning landscape but also provides a home for the many native animals and plants you can’t see anywhere else in the UK. The area is also noted for its freshwater habitats that are brilliant to look at and also attract many species of varied wildlife.

A taste of history

As well as the gorgeous landscape and awe inspiring setting, the Lake District also has many historical sites of interest that people flock to see. The area has a rich history dating back thousands of years and sites like the Castlerigg Stone Circle in Keswick are a testament to that.

Other historical sites of interest are Brougham Castle just outside Penrith, and Shap Abbey. Of course, this merely scratches the surface of all there is to see in the area, but we don’t want to give away all the surprises!


In addition to all the sight-seeing, there are lots of Lake District attractions and activities to enjoy while visiting this part of the UK. The most popular one is any one of the many watersports on offer. These are naturally situated around the area’s many clear Lakes and include activities like waterskiing or windsurfing. Nowhere else in the country comes close to matching the Lake District when it comes to this type of activity, so it is a wise choice if you enjoy it. Many people also come to the Lake District for the great walking on offer. The hiking trails in this part of the UK are unique to it and will cater to all walking abilities.

But where do you stay to relax after a busy day’s walking or water-skiing? Luckily, Lake District hotels are among the best in the world, especially those in Keswick. The town is a superb place to stay – it offers the perfect base to explore the area from and return to for some relaxation afterwards.

The Lake District is a stunning place to visit in the UK, not only for the activities and landscape but also because it’s so different compared to the rest of the country. The Lake District hotels are second to none. Book a trip here today and see for yourself just what a lovely part of the UK it is and how much fun you will have!

What makes the Lake District so special? – words Alice Turnbull


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