What are the best DS emulators for PC

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PC DS emulators

Are you looking for the most efficient DS emulator for your computer? The task can be quite tricky because there are a lot of them, and each of them has a few versions. There is no need to worry. You just need to download nintendo ds roms and select the most suitable emulator from our list of the most efficient Nintendo DS emulators that you use on your computer.


The DuoS emulator is one of the best examples of a plane and generic emulators. The best thing about this emulator is that you can quickly get what you need from an emulator for Windows computers. The process of downloading DuoS is fast and straightforward.

effective DS emulators

What are the strengths?

The DuoS emulator is simple and very easy to get. Even beginner players can use it with ease. By using this emulator, you will never be bothered with bugs, malware, or any kind of technical issue.

What are the weaknesses?

The weakness of the DuoS emulator is that it is quite a plain emulator. It does not offer a lot of advanced features. Also, players can’t get access to a quick save/load feature. The developer should also support a turbo button, as well as cheats.


If you compare the DuoS and the NeonDS emulators, the second one will fit advanced players much better. The NeonDS emulator will quickly fulfill the average needs of a Nintendo DS emulator. In the beginning, it can be a little bit confusing to use the NeonDS emulator, but as soon as you get familiar with the general settings, then all the things start to work smooth and fast. So, if you need a reliable emulator for Nintendo DS ROMs, the NeonDS emulator is the right choice.

best DS emulators for PC

What are the strengths?

It is effortless to find the NeonDS emulator online. When it comes to emulating your ROMs, you will face no issues or bugs. This emulator offers places the option to save states, and it supports cheats, which is a significant advantage.

What are the weaknesses?

The only tricky thing is to deal with the settings of this emulator. Make sure that you understand such setting terms as memory space, sound drives, etc. Otherwise, you can ask more advanced PC users to do the proper settings.


The naming on this emulator speaks for itself. Anyway, using the iDeaS emulator is very simple, and the performance is impressive. It is one of the most effective emulators for Nintendo DS games you can find. The great news is that it does not require any settings at all. At the same time, if you want to adjust something and you understand how to do it, everything is possible. By the way, the iDeaS emulator is a rare Nintendo DS emulator where it is possible to separate the lower screen from the top screen. This modification does not affect the running game at all. When you do this, your lower part, which is, in fact, the touch screen area continues to functional as before.

best DS emulators for PC

What are the strengths?

The option to split the screen splitting is one of the most significant advantages of the iDeaS emulator. Besides, players can change the resolution easily. It is possible to get the turbo speed feature adjusted to your needs by making it as fast as you want.

What are the weaknesses?

Unfortunately, the iDeaS emulator does not support cheats. This is the only weakness of the emulator.


No$GBA is quite an old-school emulator. Its earliest versions were not the best. The audio was distorted, as well as the frame rate was quite slow. However, the developer did his best to make the No$GBA emulator better with the years. Nowadays, many players claim that it is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators usable for computers and other operating systems. Make sure that you use the most up-to-date version of the No$GBA.

PC DS emulators

What are the strengths?

No$GBA is an excellent emulator for basic needs. If you use the latest version with fixed problems, you will experience the best gaming experience. The emulation runs smoothly. The audio and video properties are high and bright. The emulator is packed with excellent in-game features allowing you to use the save states function.

What are the weaknesses?

The only weak point concerns the download process, so you will have to set up the main settings of the emulator, such as frame rate, sound, etc. If you fail to set up the emulator correctly from the beginning, it may run faulty.


DeSmuME is by far the best Nintendo DS emulator, which is widely used for PCs. It is absolutely free to use. You can try many different versions of this emulator. Just avoid the older version because it can be a little bit buggy.

What are the strengths?

The emulator allows you to do the old quick/load feature. It is possible to save in states. Players can press the turbo button if they want to speed up the game. It fully supports cheat codes and even a USB controller.

What are the weaknesses?

This emulator does not have any known weak points unless you stick to the outdated version.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent DS emulators, which are not hard to find. You can experiment with them and find the best emulator for yourself. Now everyone can play Nintendo DS games for free directly from your computer.


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