How to Hire Good Front End Developer?

words Alexa Wang

Аn excellent front-end layer is recognized as a priority while building an appealing product. Companies can easily stand out in the crowd with a strong UX/UI design despite what areas they are specialized in. Moreover, it will not be a challenge for them to occupy a leading rank in entire market, grab attention of target audience, and increase overall business revenue.

Front-end devs are exactly those specialists who work at UI and UX design. Organizations that managed to find real experts leave all their competitors behind themselves, because not every front-end developer can come up with an excellent design. That’s why most companies experience difficulties while seeking the right front-end web developer for hire. If you do not want to waste your time and effort, then learn important skills which every good expert must-have.

Good Front End Developer

What Skills a Good Front-End Developer Have?

A skilled front-end dev who can meet your expectations and easily become a reliable player of your team is expected to:

  • Work effectively. These specialists must be sociable and easy-going in order to work smoothly in a team. This way, they will also be able to communicate with the customers to effectively present the result of their work, as well as offer advanced features to enhance the final product.
  • Create a stunning application layout. A skilled specialist knows well two main languages that are called HTML and CSS and properly uses the knowledge to guarantee the best user experience.
  • Write a code. Good specialists should master main languages to build a front-end code. These codes must be clear enough so that other specialists can understand them easily and use them again for other products.
  • Implement user interactions, and evolving elements. Coding in JavaScript is a must for good front-end developers. Using it, they can create pop-ups, moving menus, interactive maps, etc. Besides, skilled specialists successfully incorporate tips for designing a website that will meet the users’ expectations.
  • Be good at optimization. These specialists are expected to check the system and the codes. They must confirm that the final product doesn’t come up with any blunders and guarantees a smooth experience for all users.   The developers must watch the product systems and apply the proper instruments to ensure their development. 

What to Ask a Front-End Specialist?

If you do not want to waste time on communication with the wrong candidates, then consider the following questions. Exactly they can help recognize the best specialist for your inspired team:

  1. How long have you worked in this sphere? What projects are in your portfolio?
  2. Do you work at your skills and widening horizons? How?
  3. If you have a chance what would you choose: a team or solo work?
  4. What development instruments do you like best of all?
  5. What are the most common mistakes that you detected within development projects?

Listen to the candidate’s answers and you will get the overall idea about his/her skills, available experience, and ambitions.

Front End Developer

 Summing – up

It is impossible to imagine a good app without a front-end layer. It simplifies the interaction between the user and the application and decides on the quality of the received experience. Therefore, the app’s popularity, as well as the company’s image, depends on this layer. It means that the administration should carefully select a front-end developer. It would be great to work job interviews that include the above-mentioned questions that will help you find the best specialist for your inspired team. 


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