Want to Improve Your Aim in FPS Games? Here’s How

words Al Woods

FPS Games

In a time where staying at home is important for your society’s safety, there is no better time to sharpen your shooting skills in your favorite first-person shooter games. Multiplayer games, in general, have a very strong sense of competition, which draws millions to play numerous multiplayer games.

While single-player games are quite fun, nothing beats snapping a close enemy with a headshot with your sniper. If you’re new to FPS games, it’s fine to feel overwhelmed by how fast the rhythm is. The nature of these games means that you have to be quick on your feet if you want to survive for more than 10 seconds. There are no honorable duels that allow you to take your time to prepare for a shot, just mayhem in huge fields of war with tens of other capable players. This is why we’ve decided that we owe gamers who are struggling to improve their aim in FPS a comprehensive guide.

Start with the Gear

No matter how good a player is at aiming in FPS games, they can be easily bottlenecked by the capabilities of their gear, such as the mouse and pad. For starters, you’ll want to focus on getting the best gaming mouse that you can afford because they can really make a difference that won’t properly be felt unless you try it. Fortunately, gaming mice prices are much lower than they used to be, not to mention the newest sensor technologies that can make perfect aiming second nature. Focus on the technical specifics like dots-per-inch (DPI), weight, extra buttons, and ergonomics. Since you’ll only be using two buttons and dragging the mouse across the whole pad in FPS games, make sure it’s as light as possible.

The responsiveness of the mouse is incredibly important because you wouldn’t want your mouse to lag behind your natural reflexes, costing you a lot in FPS games. The lower the response time, the faster you can be while aiming and shooting. Choosing a mousepad that fits the description of such a mouse is easy; you’ll want it to be as big and smooth as possible. If your gaming desk has custom dimensions, you can click here to design and customize the mouse pad to look and feel good. Even though a gaming mouse has a high DPI sensitivity, a small or rough mousepad can have you pick the mouse up to place it back at the center of the pad every few seconds.

Get Comfortable

Once you’ve got the best gear for your FPS games, you’ll want to get as comfortable as possible with it. Since your gaming mouse is ergonomic, you need to make sure that you’re using your hands and wrists correctly while playing the game. The way that you maneuver your mouse can significantly affect your gameplay. Practicing proper posture and taking rests between games can make an incredible difference in your performance. Try not to slouch or bend your wrists too much because that can lead to physical injury if you keep doing it long enough.

Optimize Your Hardware Settings

Just because you have a good gaming mouse doesn’t mean that it’ll work wonders on its own without your help. The slightest changes in your mouse settings can make a huge difference in your gameplay. The most commonly optimized metric is DPI, which controls how sensitive the mouse is to external movement. When you increase the sensitivity, you’ll notice that you stopped wasting time by dragging the mouse too far on the pad just to look in a different direction in the game. Make sure to disable mouse acceleration both in the game settings and windows, because it can create some problems with aiming since it messes with the sensitivity dynamically.

Experiment During the Game

Getting used to new hardware or sensitivity settings is bound to take some time, especially if you haven’t experimented with these adjustments before. It’s recommended to get into an offline match with bots to test your aim with the new mouse settings before you engage other players in multiplayer. While doing this, you can also play around with Valorant cheats if that’s the game you’re practising on to help you get the hang of things quicker. If you find yourself missing your targets due to overshooting, lower the mouse’s sensitivity and vice versa. You can start by dropping the in-game mouse sensitivity bar to at least 10%, and play around with it to get the perfect settings for you. As long as you practice and stay aware of the mouse sensitivity that you’re comfortable with, you’ll be getting those killstreaks in no time.

As long as you make sure that you’ve nailed down the best settings and gear for your FPS gaming sessions, all that’s left is to practice as much as you can. You can also watch experts online to see some new strategies that can enhance both your aim and tactics. You may need to modify your settings every now and then when you’re trying out a new game.



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