The future of the Esports segment worldwide

words Alexa Wang

In the modern world, games are not always just for fun, where competing professionally in an electronic sport category (e-Sports) is already a fever in many countries. The vast scope of eSports in the world has generated plenty of opportunity and space for teams, sponsors, consumers, narrators and streamers.

Statistics demonstrate how the ‘’ success ’’ curve is leading our market to a new era and economic evolution. And yet, the electronic universe is accompanied by possibilities for people with physical and visual disabilities.

Professionals from different regions have unified to compete worldwide, sponsors with a high investment rate, consumers from all artifact networks in the area, the narrators who make voices and emotions in eSports and finally those who broadcast live a certain game. Motivation for people with disabilities was one of the main pillars resulting from the well-being of players or professionals.

Esports segment

Studies show that, as access to smartphones and mobile internet increases, the greater the involvement of players and electronic sports enthusiasts. Electronic sports have grown so much in recent years that their metrics already allow comparisons with traditional sports. Millionaire championships, professionalization of players, streams on television and the entry of traditional sports clubs show the great potential of this new sport.

Esports is winning more and more teenagers as its audience expands, and younger generations have access to games and the Internet. For now, most of the public is male, high-income, who consumes advanced technologies for online games – the famous PC Gamers, computers assembled with processors capable of performing the most advanced games on the market.

On the other hand, Newzoo data show that more than 25% of the Esports public is not composed of players, but rather passive spectators, who only consume related materials. The United States Government already recognizes professional electronic sports players as athletes, which allows pro players to enter the country with a professional permanence visa.

Esports rise

In some countries, traditional sports protection laws would already be sufficient to define electronic sports practices as sports, but the lack of a clear law creates insecurities in the market. The regulation of the sector seeks to bring better control and organization for sports championships, in addition to regularizing players and coaches as registered and recognized professionals, guaranteeing the same rights as any professional.

While the laws are not well defined, there is not much to speculate about the future of Esports because, depending on the approvals (mainly in relation to the presence or absence of violent games in competitions), some things can change face national competitive scenario.

Mobile inclusion

Some surveys show that the online dispute game segment for mobile devices is expected to account for 45% of next year’s game market. This popularity is already present in some competitive spaces, such as China, for example, which already has a thriving Esports scenario with a focus on mobile. And in turn, the world of gambling is also eyeing the potential of eSports, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of eSports-based online gambling such as Overwatch picks based on the Overwatch League.

One of the main reasons for the game’s popularity in these lands is the ease with which it runs on the most diverse types of smartphones, from the simplest to the advanced ones, in addition to not requiring high bandwidth, being able to be played through 4G Internet. It seems that eSports are the future of gaming.


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