Stylish since 1719 – Imagine if this guy walked into your hairdressers

You know what it’s like when you visit the hairdressers. You’re in the chair and the clipping has started amidst small talk from the hairdresser. All seems cool until a stranger walks in and shatters the ambience with his sheer oddness.

This new advert from beer producers Bavaria has been produced to celebrate their nearly 300 years of brewing excellence since 1719. The idea is to imagine someone from that era walking into a trendy hair salon today.

The stranger who walks in is an over coiffured young man from the eighteenth century with his hairdo all powdered and coiffured. The trendy young urbanites can’t help but show their befuddlement. They try to hide it but watch as their jaws just drop.

This short film is called ‘Stylish since 1719’ and is part of a series. Not everything from 1719 is worth keeping hold of and wearing a powdered wig, for me, has to be one of them. They must have been so itchy and they only washed them once a year. Personally I can’t help thinking that these very same fashionistas might for be copying this style though a couple of years from now.

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