A Journey into design – The Importance of Sketching

A Journey into design – The Importance of Sketching – words Alan Woods

Sketching is a very important constant when it comes to the designing process. This was the case especially back a while ago when there were no tablets and only a few computers were available on the market.

There was no sketching – drawing software, styluses and other similar tools. What is seen at this point in time is the decline of using pen and paper to draw sketches due to the new and still upcoming technologies that do not require the same interaction and intensity for sketching, drawing. In this change passion and addiction being lost.

Sketching is very important especially in the designing process, good designs rely on iterations. The only authentic way to iterate is using pen and paper.  One could practice his skill with absolutely anything, things to draw can be found anywhere, all around us, waiting to be sketch, ready to receive one`s attention.


The Importance of Sketching In Design

Sketching is the perfect tool as it helps one to conceptualize ideas. When using a sharpie or a pencil and a piece of paper, you are able to shape a realm without limits that you need to explore and discover. You are therefore in a creative sandbox, generating ideas and deep concepts from your heart and soul, concepts that will animate your design project. There is no greater feeling than watching your sketches come to life – just take a look at the Newtecnic portfolio to see how something as simple as a sketch can become an industrial phenomenon.

Sketching offers one the opportunity to explore variables in ideas effortlessly, as a concept is being set up for the first time hundreds, thousands of variables enter the sketching board and in the search of incredible, in the attempt to find the right balance and composition one ought to explore the options to sketching, drawing and conceptualizing on paper.


When you get to sketch, your mind begins to play various directions which the sketches that you are making will help you in filtering the best options for you. When you draw out the different ideas which could work, you are able to notice any potential issues much earlier, before investing time and resources into futile concepts. Sketches also foster very important discussions concerning ideas with your colleagues or the client that you are working for.  A common practice is to simply create a sketch then invite the clients to exchange ideas, to make modifications and comments on sketches, taking as much information as possible from this early design step before going forward into deep processing and technicalities.

Sketches are ideas nestled on paper, they`re an open door through new ideas and concepts could flow towards both ends, in the end this door shaping the end result through numerous filter, numerous sketches and constructive discussions on their particularities. Each sketch encapsulates a point of view and natural, due to its graphic limitations they simply overlook technicality and practical questions reason for which, quite often, an uninitiated individual critics the limitation of the sketch, their looseness, seeing them more like work of art rather than an instrument of design.


In order for one to get very comfortable with sketching and drawing, he or she needs to repeat the practice over and over by changing the focus naturally, aiming towards different things to draw, things that surround us at every corner, pick a subject without thinking and do your best. It is important to keep in mind that practice always makes perfect. Our very first sketch may not be very good, but with patience, repetition and practice, you will have mastered how to create actual sketches.

Sketches are very important for both the concept and the end result alike. The projects that can take advantage of one`s experience with drawing may vary from logos, icons, UI designs, websites, illustration and last but not least, architecture.

A Journey into design – The Importance of Sketching – words Alan Woods



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