3 ways to keep your phone as stylish as you this summer

3 ways to keep your phone as stylish as you this summer – words Al Woods

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Do your outfits pop with color and flavor? Or are you more subtle and want your style to peek through your laid back façade? Even if you are somewhere in between, it’s easy to dress your phone according to your natural style.

Think about it. You are always wearing it. It may be in your pocket or your purse, but often times it is right in your hand.

Just as you want your clothes to speak your personality, allow your phone to speak up as well! All you do is talk and text into it, but it can be there to speak on your behalf.

Here are a few of the best ways to make sure your phone rocks your style this summer:

  1. Color

The first thing you must do when deciding on a new phone case is choosing a color that expresses your personality. Do you want the typical black, grey or white like the classic colors? Or do you want something bright that screams your love for summer?

Another choice you must think through: How much do you love your phone’s actual color?

Perhaps you have a rose gold iPhone and just want that to show through, but it is way too big of a safety risk to have no case on it. Thankfully, there are clear and slim cases that still offer a lot of protection.

keep your phone
  • Print

If you do not want to commit to just one color, you should look into printed cases. Patterns are especially fun if you get bored of your iPhone cover too often.

There are so many cases with beautiful summer designs such as sunflowers, cactus, and beach scenes. The options are endless once you dive into all the different choices you have for a summer look.

Casely amazing iPhone cases with a variety of patterns are always in stock. If you subscribe, they will send you a new case every few months. You can even sign up to receive surprise cases. One of their protective cover designers will hand pick a favorite for you and mail it to your door.

  • Accessories

There are endless options for phone covers designs for your favorite accessory – There are even accessories for your accessory! 

A little flair never hurt anybody – it draws attention to your device so that your style selections never go unnoticed.

Your phone can have added flair by adding a phone ring or wallet:

  • The Ring: This is both cute and convenient. The attachment from the ring to your phone can have all kinds of different designs or colors. You can match or contrast your ring to your phone’s case design.

The ring is convenient because you can hold your phone much more easily. It is also less likely to slip from your hands and crack the screen during a fall.

Since the ring allows you to grip your device more easily, you will not need to worry about your hand getting tired from clenching it tight anymore after a long phone call.

  • Phone Wallet: These wallets are also cute, trendy, and handy! You can always have your essentials on you without needing to carry a traditional wallet or purse.

The wallet can hold your ID, driver’s license, and credit card. It is snug so nothing will fall out, and it’s completely stylish!

Do not let your phone be the same old color it has been since last year. Use your phone to be a conversation starter and let it speak your style for you. Don’t get lost in the options: always go for personality, color, and flair!  

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