Go Bold With Luxurious Racing Watches

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Racing Watches

Racing watches have been popularly associated with motorsports. However, the watch was invented long before automobiles were invented. Thankfully, fashion has returned the racing watch to its rightful place – on the wrist of fashionable and bold men.

If you want to create a statement of class and boldness, nothing compares to luxurious racing watches. If you don’t have a piece of this in your watch collection, it’s time to go shopping. Well, before you place your order, you should know what a racing watch is and what its unique features are. Let’s explore this in detail!

A Racing Watching: What it is

A racing watch is a timepiece that is purposely developed for measuring race times, including car race, motorbike race, yachting race, or horse race. Over the years, racing watches have become the new name for chronograph watches. Don’t get things wrong. Don’t assume that all chronograph watches are racing watches. While modern racing watches are generally chronographs, it’s not all chronographs that are racing watches. You must keep this in mind when shopping for your watch.

Differences between a Racing Watch and an Ordinary Chronograph Watch

A chronograph has a stopwatch function as well as other counters that display time elapse. It usually has two chronograph pushers around the winding crown. These function as start, reset and stop. Chronograph watches also come with sub-dials that let the owner read the hours and minutes that have elapsed since the beginning of an event. Although not all chronographs come with scales, you can find them on many others. A Chronograph measures different events and has various features, including pulsometer, telemetric, tachymeter, and decimeter.

Features and Characteristics of a Racing Watch

One of the significant components of a racing watch is a tachymeter scale. Without this, a chronograph cannot be called a racing watch. Apart from their technicality, racing watches are also luxurious with stunning looks and chiseled designs. The expertise and precision involved in the creation of a racing watch are top-notch. Their colors and general aesthetics are some of the uniqueness of these timeless timepieces. The Features and characteristics that you can look forward to exploring with your luxurious racing watches are as follow:

·        Chronograph

Luxurious racing watches feature chronographs with two to three counters located on the dial. These counters function as a measurement tool in calculating an elapsed timeframe of a timed event. They are designed with contrasting colors for visibility on the watch.

  • Clear and Contrasting Dial

Racing watches come with a very high contrasting dial designed to enhance the visibility of the watch’s features, such as the chronograph counters and the sweeping second’s hand. This makes the dial easy to read, even at high speed.

  • Tachymeter Scale

The watch also features a tachymeter scale, which allows the wearer to measure the speed or distance of traveled time over a preset distance. This feature is the most distinguishing feature of a racing watch. Apart from boosting its sporty design, it also makes it easy to convert basic elements on the race track. You can find the tachymeter scale on the bezel or dial of the racing watch.

  • Classy Metal Bracelets or Rally-inspired Strap

The strap of a racing watch is one of the hallmarks of its design. Featuring a durable rally-inspired strap or valuable metal bracelets, a racing watch is a beauty to have and behold.


Luxurious racing watches come in different designs and colors. It’s all about your personality and what you want. One thing you can be sure of is that you can find the perfect fit for your style. If you want to create that bold and stunning look, a luxurious racing watch is undoubtedly a good complement to your outfit.


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