What You Should Know About a Bathtub

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freestanding Bathtub

Some people love the idea of having a relaxing bath at the end of a hectic day. So they think of how they can install a tub in their bathroom even if it becomes a bit cramped. It’s a good thing that tubs now come in different sizes, so it is possible to find one that will fit even a small space.

Some tubs need an enclosure, which can take up more space, although it allows you to have a shower with that style of tub.

Some tubs can stand on their own, so you can position it in an area that you like where you will feel the most comfortable.

What you should know about bathtubs that stand on their own?

While bathtubs may look the same, there are actually differences. If you are considering getting one, there are a few things you should know about freestanding baths that can help you decide to choose one.

The term already describes the bath. It stands on its own without support from a surrounding deck or wall. It is more like a traditional large washbasin of old.

While it is still possible to find classic and vintage freestanding baths, the models today are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes. And like any other bathroom fixture, it has its pros and cons. Knowing them will help you decide if a freestanding bath will be more suitable for your needs or not.

Here are the advantages of freestanding tubs:

  • The appearance is stylish, dramatic and eye-catching
  • Available in different materials and finishes
  • Creates an illusion of bigger space
  • Easier to move or replace without damaging bathroom structure
  • More location options in the bathroom
  • No additional tiling or framing that requires skilled plumbing services
  • Easier to clean; does not have grout lines

Disadvantages of freestanding tubs

  • Limited storage space for bath paraphernalia
  • Heavier, so the bathroom floor may need extra reinforcement
  • May hinder access for people with disabilities because they are higher and grab bars cannot be installed
  • The price of the tub and the installation costs are higher
  • Space consuming because they are larger
  • Combining the tub with a shower is difficult

Additional features

The flexibility of its appearance is one of the major selling points of a freestanding bath. They come in oval, rectangle, round, and square shapes. There are other unique shapes as well.

You can get a slipper tub that has one end higher than the other so you can recline in comfort. A roll-top model has rolled edges so that the finish is smoother. A clawfoot model has various styles of feet to raise the tub and keep its bottom off the floor.

A freestanding tub may also have a decorative base, pedestal or cladding, which can serve as storage space for your bath essentials.

Before you purchase a freestanding bath, consider your bathroom’s size. You should have at least an allowance of three to six inches on each side. Measure your doors, stairways, and hallways to ensure that the tub will pass through them without damaging your doors, stairs or hallway walls.


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