3 Ways To Redefine Your Car Care Routine

words Al Woods

Most motorists have a car care routine they fall into, perhaps pumping up their tyres or filling up with screenwash every third time they refuel, for example.

However, a routine is only good if you avoid getting stuck in a rut and only do the same jobs time after time. How can you redefine your routine so your car is better maintained?

Car Care Routine

One – Switch Between Exterior and Interior Electrics

Checking the electrics of your car should be routine but many people simply confirm what they already know to be working. Instead, break things up a little. A good way to do this is to check all the exterior electrics, including the fog light, headlamps, indicators and so on, one month and then the following month running through a checklist of the interior electrical systems. These would include the heating, the air-conditioning and the windows, among others.

Car Care tips

Two – Perform a Range of Tyre Checks

Kicking your tyres once in a while is not enough. You have to check the tread all the way around the circumference of the wheel to know whether they are safe. Every 1,000 miles or so, you should also check the air pressure and not leave it for long journeys only. Also, look out for bulges on the sidewalls of tyres since these can indicate a serious deterioration of the rubber. If you need replacements in London, then you can check with Iverson Tyres 020 8566 4666.

Three – Filter Checks Twice a Year

Some people check their car’s air intake filter in the spring to ensure the winter’s collection of foliage is removed but they don’t do much else. In fact, air filters should be cleaned out twice a year at least. While doing this job, get into the habit of checking your other filters, the cabin filter, the oil filter and the fuel filter while you are at it. This is a much more systematic approach that will save you time in the long run.


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