The 3 Best Activities to Try on Mallorca Holidays

words Alexa Wang

If Mallorca is top of the list for your next holiday, you’ve picked the perfect spot for a unique cultural experience, breathtaking scenery and a selection of sandy beaches to help you unwind. Nothing beats a stay in one of the many stunning villas in Mallorca, especially if you want easy access to awe-inspiring winelands, the iconic Tramuntana mountain range or one of the hidden gems on the island.

Having the right travel information and a local guide to show you around the city of Palma will take the experience to the next level. With this in mind, we’ve tracked down three of the best guided activities for you to get the most out of your trip. Remember this piece when you’re bragging to your friends about the best holiday ever later.

Activities Mallorca

These three guided activities are guaranteed to make your holiday on Mallorca all the more memorable. Each vastly different, they showcase why the island attracts a variety of different tourists from all corners of the earth every year.

1)     A guided walk and lunch in the vineyards

Few things can beat gazing out at the mountain horizon with a glass of wine in hand. It’s even better when you’re doing so with someone you love. Alaró is a region that boasts many incredible vineyards, most of which flourish because the weather conditions are ideal for growing grapes.

Local wine farmers have perfected their craft over the years thanks to a history that includes alcohol bans and a phylloxera insect blight that wreaked havoc on the industry. These struggles have long been transcended and the island now boasts a strong wine culture that is never taken for granted.

A guided walk through the Oloron Winery will let you in on more of the history of Alaró and, coupled with a delicious lunch, it makes for the perfect early afternoon outing.

2)     A tour of the Joan Miró Museum

Mallorca is a beloved spot for artists looking for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. War poet Robert Graves is well known to have visited the island regularly for inspiration as part of his writing process. He had such a strong connection to Mallorca that he asked to be buried in the village of Deià.

Mallorca tips

If you’re interested in a cultural experience to nurture your own creativity, try a guided tour of the Joan Miró Museum. It showcases the astonishing works of Palma’s most famous surrealist painter and ceramicist. The right tour will also take you to his house and studio, which, as per his dying wish, is still intact just as it was when he passed away back in 1983.

You should also pop into one of the local markets or Gothic cathedrals in the area after you finish the tour. These showcase even more of the rich culture that has made Mallorca what it is today.

3)     Hike the Tramuntana Mountains

If outdoor adventure is what you’re after, trade golden sand for fresh dirt as you hike across the Tramuntana mountain range. Considering the enchanting lakes, adjacent monasteries and collection of quaint villages along the way, it’s no surprise that it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for over a decade.

Serious hikers will be happy to learn that Puig Major — the highest peak on the island — clocks in at an impressive 1.4km above sea level. Casual explorers will take more of a liking to the historic cobblestone paths and friendly interactions with locals. You should also consider exploring the Torrent de Pareis (a spectacular river gorge lodged neatly between different beaches), ideally with a guide who has intimate knowledge of the area.

Activities Mallorca

Whether you’re planning a long holiday abroad or just looking for an impromptu getaway to Mallorca, any of these activities will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

A guided tour can add another layer of depth to the trip as a whole. It also means that you don’t have to take charge of every single part of the holiday, especially if you’re travelling with a big group.

With that sorted, all that’s left to do now is to sit back and enjoy a true taste of what Mallorca has to offer.


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