Unique school trips that will leave a lasting impression

Unique school trips that will leave a lasting impression – words Al Woods

The days of taking a school trip to the local beach are well out of the window; nowadays, students jet off and embark on the trip of a lifetime, making memories and educating themselves on things that cannot be taught in the classroom.

The variety of school trips available is extraordinary and every student should get the chance to experience one in their years of education. So, what are some of the most unique school trips available for students?

Great Wall of China

Although this is a slightly pricier option, a trip to the Great Wall of China is an experience that History students will never forget. The Great Wall of China stretches over more than 4,000 miles, making it the largest manmade structure to ever be built. It is no myth that sections of the wall can actually be seen from space! A visit to this wall and the surrounding areas of China will help students learn all about Chinese histories and the story behind the wall.

Disneyland Paris

This is perhaps the most exciting trip available for students… a true dream! School trips Disneyland Paris allow any student to release their inner-child and embark on a magical adventure in a new destination full of memories and fantasy. With two giant Disney Parks situated right next to each other, this trip will be one that students are forever grateful for. A school trip to Disneyland will also allow students to see the sights of Paris and learn about Parisian culture. It will always be one of the best trips of a lifetime.

Furnas Valley

Furnas Valley can be found in Portugal, and is the perfect destination for Geography students in particular. The valley has a typical smell of sulphur and the boiling springs are secondary evidence of volcanic activity. A trip here will spark joy in any passionate Geologist, and lucky for trip planners, Furnas Valley is not too expensive.

Dublin Writers Museum

The Dublin Writers Museum celebrates the literary successors of Ireland, including the famous Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. Visitors will be in awe by the inspiring surroundings and find themselves enriched with Irish literature knowledge. This trip to the Dublin Writers Museum may not be for everyone, but will be a true dream for advanced English students.

CERN Physics Laboratory

This laboratory is located in Meyrin, Switzerland and attracts students from all over Europe. The CERN Physics Laboratory teaches its visitors about multiple important discoveries that have been made at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. Educational tours to this laboratory may be a slightly more expensive option, but will be worth every single penny.

Take a look at this infographic which explores the best school trips; tailored to popular subjects. It’s time to get planning!

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Unique school trips that will make a lasting impression – words Al Woods


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