Surf trip: best beaches to surf in Morocco

Surf trip: best beaches to surf in Morocco – words Alexa Wang   

Surfing in Morocco is one of the most popular water sports thanks to the strong winds that allow you to do stunts in the air and ride the endless waves, and then rest on the white beaches. Surf trip: best beaches to surf in Morocco    

What is the best period to surf in Morocco? Surely from October to March when the winds will drag your board on the crest of the waves!

The ideal places in Morocco where to practice this sport are Agadir, Essaouira, Oualidia and Taghazout not far from Agadir.


Agadir, with its beach of about 10 km is the most famous seaside resort in southern Morocco and is very well equipped. The coast of Agadir, Morocco, is a real “Mecca” of surfing, where every year surfers from all over the world come to discover the beauty and quality of the waves, the culture and the famous Moroccan cuisine.

From September to April, this area benefits from constant waves. The amalgamation of these waves from the North Atlantic with the offshore winds makes Agadir a dream destination for surfers and surfers from all over the world. The Agadir area receives the same waves as Atlantic Europe, but it is protected by the anticyclone of the Azores and the great Cape Ghir, which makes the climatic conditions always pleasant throughout the year. In addition, the numerous spots ensure that even when conditions are prohibitive, there is always a sheltered spot that offers easy waves for all levels! In Agadir you can find the perfect economic b&b in Morocco near the sea       

During the months from May to August there are small and clean waves, great for beginners.


Taghazout is home to numerous surf camps and shops and beginners can find experienced instructors to help them practice their techniques on the waves. This small fishing village is the home place of a Berber population. Located 19 km from the famous seaside resort of Agadir, Taghazout is the main surfing destination in Morocco. While some browsing hotspots can be quite crowded, you can still find parts that are relatively deserted.


In Essaouira, the breeze that constantly comes from the ocean, makes the sea perfect for this sport.  But don’t stop here just at the surf: visit the characteristic fish market and the medina, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the fortress you can walk among craft shops and historic buildings halfway between European style and Arab-Muslim architecture.

Essaouira is also perfect for your and your family: the beach is at least 80 meters wide and the water is very shallow even up to 60 meters. The fine sand bottom also allows you to bathe without shoes. Here you can also follow courses of surfing or kitesurfing at the many schools present as well as in Agadir.


Oualidia is a lagoon, situated about 200 km from Marrakech and 158 km from Casablanca. With its beach of fine sand, it lends itself to many types of water sports and of course also surf.

The temperatures along the coast are regulated by the afternoon breeze coming from the ocean, which means that even on the hottest summer days the average temperature is around 26 °. In winter the temperature during the day is around 18° and at night it can drop up to 10°.

The best conditions for surfing are during the European winter, from the end of September to the beginning of April. This does not mean that there are no waves in summer, in fact you can visit the country at any time of year and find good waves. In the region of Agadir, where our campsites are located, the climate is mild and welcoming, with an average of 300 days a year of sunshine.


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