6 Essential Tips for Moving Abroad

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According to the BBC, an estimated number of 5.5 million Brits live permanently abroad. In other words, one in ten of the UK population has emigrated.

Relocating abroad is a major decision and can be quite daunting, possibly due to the practicalities of going to live in another country other than yours. Nonetheless, it can be worth the time and effort if you took certain considerations to make your move easier and more convenient. Do you want to relocate from your home country to another? Here are six tips worth considering. 

1. Have insight into your destination beforehand

Moving Abroad tips

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It’s vital to have a wealth of knowledge about where you’ll be relocating to before making the big move. You can get started by conducting an internet search to learn all you can about the new country. 

Additionally, you could even go to the extent of visiting the location briefly to have an idea of how things are there. Admittedly, this isn’t always possible, but when you can, you should consider it as it enables you to learn more about where you’re going to live your life. Moreover, it’ll give you an idea of what you need to plan towards before the final move. This will also give you the freedom to visit a few essential places, such as healthcare facilities, potential schools, possible housing, etc. It’s more like testing the waters to determine how comfortable it’ll be before jumping all in.

Thorough research on your destination gives you ample time to decide on critical matters and helps you get prepared adequately. Remember that when you finally relocate abroad, it’s impossible not to feel pressured to do so many things in the first few weeks to months. Therefore, you need to be as equipped as possible beforehand. 

2. Find good accommodation

Accommodation is a primary human need and even more essential when in a foreign land. Depending on the country you’re moving to, it helps to know the kinds of housing units available within specific communities. More importantly, what type of accommodation is dominant in the area you’ll be living? Are there apartments, condos, or other family housing units? Choosing the right kind of accommodation goes a long way to ensure your safety and comfort in a foreign land.

For starters, there are real estate providers in a majority of developed and developing worlds. Therefore, the responsibility rests with you to find credible ones with authentic reviews. For example, if you’re emigrating to Singapore, Orchard Towers is one such accommodation provider to focus your attention on. You can rent or buy a condo, apartment, or other residential units that suit your preferences.

3. Join an expat community

Moving Abroad tips

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When you find yourself living in a country other than your own, one important thing to do is to identify and join an expat community. The primary reason behind this is to belong to a group you share similar interests and values with while establishing credible contacts you’ll find beneficial to your stay. Besides, the best group of people to interact with as a newcomer are those who have experienced the same emigration process as you.

For example, if you’re British, it’ll be worthwhile to find and belong to the British expat community in your locality. With your group, you can ask questions and receive much-needed support. Moreover, in this digital age, many expat communities find it useful to set up blogs to help members share individual experiences on a shared platform.

4. Learn the local language

One major requirement for living abroad is to make a conscious effort to learn the local language basics. Unless you’re already fluent, this is a step you shouldn’t overlook. Learning a new language can be challenging, but the deliberate efforts you make will pay off at some point. Furthermore, you must know that your ability to communicate (albeit in limited language) with the locals creates a sense of confidence and camaraderie.

Sometimes, you may be moving to a country where the English language is the official lingua. Nonetheless, it’ll be worth your time to learn some local expressions. It helps to purchase local language pocketbooks, which make it possible to read simple sentences using the English alphabet. 

5. Determine the cost of living

Depending on the country you’re originally coming from, you’ll perceive the cost of living in another territory as high or low. Knowing how much you’ll need to sustain your standard of living is vital to your finances. To determine the cost of living, find out the basic costs for the following:

  • Clothes
  • Utilities and housing
  • Food

You’ll be surprised to find out more about a country’s priorities just by the cost of simple things like coffee and beer. Also, keep in mind that just because your new location’s cost of living is low doesn’t mean all the conditions are ideal. Be on the watch for persons who capitalise on foreigners’ seeming naivety to scam them out of huge sums of money.

6. Research public transport

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Supposing you don’t have access to a private vehicle or are waiting for your local license, you need a reliable form of public transportation. Most countries have reliable forms of public transit, and it’ll be in your interest to assess all before choosing. As a tip, your accommodation should be within proximity to a reliable bus stop or subway. Besides, you’ll find it useful to live close by because there’ll be no hassle trying to find your way around in the early weeks or months.

It’s worth noting that some countries do not make specific provisions for persons with disabilities regarding public transport. Therefore, if you have any form of disability, it’s advisable to make special arrangements for your commuting.

Lastly, ensure that one of the things you have is proper healthcare coverage in the country you’re moving to. One of the worst things that could happen to a foreigner is to get ill without health insurance coverage. Better yet, get a travel insurance policy to cushion you until you can apply for a local one.


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